The jeans.........


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I haven't been posting as much as I had been. Have been trotting along nicely on the Cambridge diet and my loss is averaging about 3.5lbs a week. I am not posting as much as I would like for a variety of reasons.......but one is that I am much more time exercising.

Anyway because the diet has become such a big part of my life I don't feel the need to focus on it as much as I did and I have found lots of ways of shaking and souping and eating my bars without creating a if I am going to the canteen in work to meet the girls for lunch i empty the soup into the cup and make it before i get there is no big prep involved...........anyway I am rambling.

So I am 64lbs down now........and have cleared out tons of clothes and so decided I had better buy some new gear. I wasn't feeling brave enough to go to a changing room so I ordered some new clothes a whopping four dress sizes down from next directory. They arrived.........and I held up the jeans and my heart sank. Damn they are not going to fit me at all :break_diet: so I put them up in the top of the wardrobe. About an hour later I hell with it I will try them on to see how far I have to go to get into them......unbelievably they slid on a buttoned with room to spare.................:eek: :D I couldn't believe so shocked and delighted with myself. I was actually very very tearful.......and emotional.

I was out in Dublin city last night because its a rugby weekend and felt so happy and my new jeans and top....nothing like it in the world.
I haven't been this weight since 1999 but even DH says I haven't been this dress size since 1997........;)

To top it off I got a really nice compliment last night as well........Dhs dessert was sitting on the table and the waiter said to me 'gosh you are so polite waiting for him to come back..........I would tuck in', I said ' well even if I wasn't on a diet I might eat the strawberries and chocolate - but we are 15 years together and I know by now that he would be :mad: :cry: if I ate his dessert........he said '15 God what age were you when you met 12 ???????? '

See I am 35 so that is a big big compliment........he got a huge tip I need't tell you !!! (i know he was probably playing me still its been years since I was told I looked young)


Bettyboo (if I can do it you can to)
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Thats fantastic!!!!!

Well done you!!!!

Cant wait to get smaller jeans myself

you must be very proud of yourself:D


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whose a clever girl !!!!!!xx


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sounds like life is great for you at the moment! I'm so happy for you!

well done!



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well done Betty Boo, what a great achievment x


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i got choked up reading that!

im so pleased u got into those jeans..and better still, they r baggy. you've worked so hard and it obviously shows.

uve earned your success and its just inspirational. well done on being u!



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Hi Bettyboo,

Delighted your doing so brill and 64lbs. down is awesome!!!

What an achievement getting into those jeans and a lovely surprise that they were even lose that is fantastic to hear.

What a lovely waiter:)

But it is so true that everyone does seem to look much younger when they lose weight!

Fantastic to hear from you.

Love Mini xxx


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I'm so happy for you, it makes it worthwhile doesn't it.


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64lb down is just fantastic! Well done!