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The last time of restarting!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by SianLeighan, 8 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. SianLeighan

    SianLeighan Full Member

    This is the last copy and paste of my story. This time I will stick to it!!!

    I've never really been overweight until just recently. I used to be the girl that could eat what I wanted and never put on weight...up until I was 18 I was a size 10-12. I turned 18 and started drinking heavily, resulting in the next day 'hangover food'. The more I drank the hungrier I was the next day. I got into the habit of eating junk and lots of it. I got into a vicious circle...

    Eat loads

    Hate my size

    Get miserable

    Eat loads


    I find that I eat loads when I'm bored or sad and working in an office 10 hours a day gets pretty boring, so it got to the point I was munching constantly throughout the day. If I wasn't eating at work I'd be hungry when I got home so I'd walk to the shop and buy food I didn't really need whilst dinner was cooking and then stuff my face. I'd then proceed to eat dinner after eating sharing bags of crisps and big bars of chocolate.

    I have no excuses for why I eat the amount I have done. It just seems to be that bigger I get the worse my eating habits get. I've decided its time for change in my life. I'm a lot happier now in my life than I've been for a few years, all thanks to an amazing boyfriend coming on the scene. Now I don't feel as miserable about everything I think it's time to change. I am doing this for myself though as he says there's a big difference between wanting to lose weight and needing to lose weight (he says I don't need too;he obviously doesn't know the difference

    I started the Tesco's Ultra Slim shakes this week (04/03/2013) and didn't get on with them at all.

    I then tried 'Shake that weight' shakes and hated that even more.

    So I joined slimming world on 25/07/2013 and started my first day today on 26/07/2013.

    I've gained over 4 stone in 2 years and previous attempts at WW have failed. I managed to lose 11lb in 6 weeks there but then put that all back on over Christmas 2011 and then gained a further stone and a half in 2012. Whilst doing WW I kept a diary myself to track how well my days had been etc, however I didn't find it very useful. I feel like if I keep track on here, other people will be able to see it and will be there for advice and support, helping me stay motivated.

    So this is me. Sian, a 21 year old girl, 14st 8lb with lack of will power

    This is it. I need all the help and support I can get guys, I lose my motivation so easily.. I'm going to be doing it from home until february due to lack of funds to rejoin. But I NEED to do this!!!!

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  3. Janey2014

    Janey2014 Full Member


    Just wanted to say I could have written most of your story myself! I too was slim up until my late teens/early twenties then the nights out/takeaways/junk food crept in...over ten years later and here I am!

    Good luck with SW, we can both do it this time!
  4. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    Hi lovely

    Well I could have written your introduction myself!!!! I panic and think I'll do a shake diet to lose as much as possible as quickly as possible. It never worked for me at all. I'm on day three of my second attempt at SW and I feel amazing. Honestly today I woke up and felt less bloated, I've eaten so much fruit and veg and "clean" food I feel amazing.

    I'm here to subscribe and lend support where possible. I'm doing it from home too so I need the extra support too!! We can help each other completely!

  5. SianLeighan

    SianLeighan Full Member

    We can do it, and keep it off forever!!!xx
  6. SianLeighan

    SianLeighan Full Member

    Hi lovely!

    This is the time for both of us! I'm in it for life now, although today didn't start the way I wanted to..woke up late and didn't have time to make lunch or breakfast.
    I knew I had some kellogs cracker crisps at work so had some of them and a ham salad sandwich from the van...wasn't the best start to the day but I could've got the sausage roll and crisps I used to get.

    Hopefully tomorrow will go better :/

  7. emmaedes

    emmaedes Gold Member

    It definitely is!!!

    Exactly. It's defo better than sausage roll and crisps!! Syn it and count it and then start fresh tomorrow. When I haven't prepared anything like today, I got fruit from tesco this morning for brekkie - had loads of if!!! Then lunch I got tin of tuna, tin of sweetcorn, salad cream and a potato - microwaved the potato and had jacket potato. Yummy!! Or grab a big bag of salad with some tuna or chicken. Yummy.

  8. SianLeighan

    SianLeighan Full Member

    So I drive to boyfriends from work last night, and he's cooked SW bolognese pasta bake for us! Hadn't even asked him to, or told him I'd started again properly. He very rarely cooks and he said - I didn't know where to find a recipe for something to cook, and the only place I knew was slimming world. Bless him!! Was bloody lovely aswell xxx

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