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the little voices in your head...


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Why do they tell me to munch down the twirl in the wardrobe as fast as i can??? Ive listened to that little voice all my life, and it keeps telling me to eat stuff, when i dont want it! its so hard to ignore it :confused: This is what im scared of, that i will give into it! what do i doo?!! :cry:
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what do i doo?!! :cry:
you get that twirl and any other chocolate or temptation in the house and take it a chuck it in the bin! ;) It's so not worth it!!!

Remove the temptation, if it's not there you cannot give in, therefore nothing to feel bad over in 5 mins when you've demolished it and it's achieved nothing other than bring you down emotionally!


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Hiya, I dunno how long you have been on CD but please don't give in you will just feel rubbish. Tell the voice in your head to bog off and bin the choccie, give it to someone or put it somewhere you can't get it. Good luck. :)
hun get rid

its soo not worth it hun for 2 seconds of pleasure just get rid of all chocolate in house uve had to fight all this way to start cd and to have the bar so not worth just think y ur doing cd for and wait till weigh in next week ull be amazed.

have a large glass of water and go to bed its the easy thing to do xx
and pour cooking oil or something awful over it that you cant take it out. so not worth it hun especially in your 1st week. ur doing brill keep going once week one is over it will get easier


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My little voices tell me to eat cheese, pies AND chocolate (especially white chocolate with strawberry bits in).
I tell them to SHUT IT because a) they are stupid and I am cleverer than them. b) they want me to be fat an unhealthy but I'm not going to be. c) they don't really care if I'm not around to look after my daughter but she's only 7 and needs her mum, so I'm determined I'll will be here. d) I am stronger than the chocolate demons!

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