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The Long Good Friday... 100%, Anyone?


Stubborn tortoise
Anyone with me for a 100% CD day? Let's hurtle towards the weekend with enthusiasm and energy and be very, very good... we CAN do it!!! Have had my porridge with a sprinkle of cinnamon & a big mug of herby tea... off shopping with my elderly mum later, so the challenge of the coffee shop to avoid... then back home to work.

Anyone else up for a no-cheat day?

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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Count me in. Just had a chocolate shake, and now off to work. Will be glugging my water and dreaming of being on the beach in a bikini which my arse is not falling out of. hahah

Have a great day xxx
I'm with you. I seem to be in the right frame of mind just now. I dont have my first pack til lunch time but can usually get through about a litre and a half water by then.
This seems to have been a really long week so looking forward to the weekend.
Well done on 19 days Dawn. If i could stick it that long i'd be half way to getting to target.


Laugh, love, live!
I'm with you girls, I so wanted fish and chips last night but drank water then went to bed early so feeling really proud of myself today!!! Looking forward to a good weekend xx


Stubborn tortoise
Well done Wabbit!!! And yay, Dawny for 19 days of 100% SS... that's the way to go! Good luck with your weigh in Rose and hiya Cicerone, that choc shake sounds good, gonna have a hot one later on I think!!! Molly, hang on in there honey... take it one day at a time. One 100% day is a real achievement & can help you go for a second... then a third... until cheating is no longer an option. The one day at a time approach is the way it works for me, but all those days add up and get us to where we want to go!

Hugs everyone and keep on going!

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
I'm joining in too! :D
100% this week.. and additional water.. gotta get out of my 2lb rut!! lol not that it's that bad, but 3 or 4 would be nice ;)

off to mow the lawn in a bit.. that'll help shed a few calories i'm sure :)
I'm here. just had my second shake and just started my 2nd litre of water. We are being made redunant this year and the first one os leaving today, so there are cakes everywhere and they have all gone to the pub for lunch, i looked at the cakes and thought not on your nelly and was proud of myself.

Tomorrow is my 1st weigh in and i'm getting a tattoo first thing
Gosh can it be 6pm already! This week has been SO painful i really really cant wait till the weekend! Even though i have no plans tomorrow and im working at my other job most of Sunday, im so happy to just be out of this place!!


Stubborn tortoise
Sorry you're struggling Crazylil... 6 o clock will come around in a while! You'll get there! Gilly, the tattoo sounds great... what are you getting? Had a herb tea & bar and settling in now for some work...
count me in for 100%, although im struggling today. My 10month old has been quite ill with a tummy bug last few days and now my OH has come down with it too (guess who is the worst patient:rolleyes:)

its weird cos i really want something tasty to pick on, but i know i def wont eat, just wish my cravings would catch up with my brain if that makes any sense at all. prob not:(


Stubborn tortoise
Hope the little 'un is better soon! And the OH, mine is ill too & making a meal of it! Never mind. Stay strong honey, picking won't help... make a hot choc shake (I just have) and that will feel like a treat!
So far so good for me. Had coffee with milk at morning break as i was freezing, hope that wont count as me not 100%. Just in from work now so from til bed time is hard going. Had loads of water and a soup so far.
Friday is in and out with kids and i do a dance class at 8.15 so if i can do it til then an early night should see me ok for today.
Think the weather is to be nice here over the weekend and i enjoy my garden, i've got washing to catch up on and the house needs cleaned from top to bottom. Golly is that Monday already..............!
Im in and had porridge for tea....felt strange lol but had more time to enjoy it, rather then gulping it down at 05:30 hours!
Bring on the weekend :) x


Stubborn tortoise
Having a hungry evening... would love a porridge/bar /hot choc but not allowed... grrr. TOTM (for third time in 5 weeks) and feeling a bit tired & fed up. Any early night I think....


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well its almost 8pm, and I hope we have all done well, and not strayed.
I'm just off to have a nice relaxing bath, and read a book to keep my little brain occupied x

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