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The Maintaining Diary - I will stay slim!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by JessMayR, 30 May 2014 Social URL.

  1. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    So, I have been dieting for the last 3 years now on and off. When i first started dieting, i was 14st 1lbs and in the overweight/obese catagory. I wasn't huge, but only because of my height.. I lost 2 st on Weightwatchers over 2 years then started Slimming world in Jan 2014 with my family.. Since then i have lost another half a stone and now at arounnd 11st 6/7 depending on the week. Losing the weight wasnt the issue for me, i was motivated and determined to lose it. It is the after part now, the maintaining which is my issue. I have lost the motivation and the desire to be dieting, the pizza and chocolate is just to tempting so because of this i am yo-yoing up and down between bingeing one week and dieting the next. I just want to be the same as it seems much easier.
    So hence the food diary, I thought, after reading other diaries, that the support and shame of naming all my foodly intakes would make me be better, then i can stop feeling guilty all the time and eat healthy!
    My weight in class is on a Saturday, but i'm starting my diary now as i want to get into the mind frame now and not tomorrow, as 'tomorrow never comes'.

    So, im going to stop going on and start my food..
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  3. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    So todays food is:

    Breakfast - Grapes & possibly a grilled bacon sandwich (if i get hungry) which would be my HEB
    Lunch - Left over spaghetti and tomato sauce (chopped tomatoes, onion & mushroom) & pineapple
    Dinner - Stir fry: egg noodles, homemade sauce (garlic, ginger, chilli, little bit of light soy sauce) and chicken.
    Snacks - SW 'haribo' sweets (3syns), Grapes, 24 Mikado (12syns) = 15 SYNs for the day

    I'm going to the cinema tonight so the Mikado and 1/2 the sweets will be going with me to avoid the pic n mix stand there!
  4. JessMayR

    JessMayR Full Member

    Ok so i've tried the 'haribo' sweets. they aren't what I expected, they are very very sweet and sickly. Couldnt eat the entire lot in one day, only managed a 1/4 of them at work, so im going to split them up and have some each day :).

    Changes in food are:

    Breakfast - Grapes
    Lunch - Small bit of tomato, mushroom & onion spaghetti and a large salad
    Snack - Pineapple
    Dinner - Mushroom & Chicken stir fry with home made sauce (garlic, ginger, chilli, light soy sauce) and Egg noodles
    Snack - 1/4 of SW 'haribo' sweets (1syn), 28 mikado (14syn)

    Going to my full amount of syns today as im going to the cinema and my friends will be eating popcorn and pic a mix, so im going to sit there with my mikado and join in the foody fun aha!
  5. emma_88

    emma_88 Silver Member

    Hey up Jess, I'm poping by to subscribe.

    Well done on losing all your weight and becoming a target member, that must feel awesome! I look forward to reading your journey :)

    I love Mikados as well, they must be my favourite 'chocolate fix' at the moment. What are you going to watch at the cinema?

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