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Hi everyone :) I'm new here and hoping someone can help! I read an article in the Daily Mail today about "The Metabolism Miracle" - a program designed by Diane Kress, and I was wondering if anyone had tried it, or had any opinions on it. It's a three stage program. Stage 1 basically involves cutting out carbs completely for 8 weeks. I'm not entirely sure what stage 2 and 3 are (the article continues tomorrow!) but as I understand it it involves getting to a stage where you can eat carbs again as part of a balanced diet. I'm thinking of buying the book and trying this out, but I'd like to get some opinions first. I've never tried a low carb diet before, so I'm a little nervous about cutting them out completely for 8 weeks. Can you recommend any websites with recipes on? Also, I remember when the Atkins became popular there was a lot of press about how cutting out carbs was dangerous, so I was wondering what your experiences are of cutting carbs? Generally, I'd appreciate any information/advice about this system!
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sounds interesting .

i think the only way to improve your mataboism is to eat every 2-3 hours , small snacks . So your body is always workign to burn fat so that it speeds up . Thats the way youl burn fat quicker . Not like i follow it haha
Five small meals a day is said to boost metabolism. This is how I eat and it has helped a lot to keep me going. I love low carbing and honestly think I will stick to it now. If you make sure to eat lots of low carb vegetables (very important) and melon and berries along with your protein and fats you should be fine.

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I'm not sure about the carbs, at the minute I'm doing a high protein and low (good) carbs diet. What's really going to make a difference in your metabolism is exercise. It's beneficial because you keep burning faster for the rest of the day after you've exercised.

There's contradictory information about spreading out meals but most balanced diets have this; it's probably a good habit to take and helps you not pig out on the one meal. Let your body eat often if it's hungry.

Hope that helps, good luck :)
Yes, it depends on what works for the individual but four or five smaller meals, say, will trigger more thermogenic response than two or three larger ones. It's like keeping a boiler stoked!

The thing is to not eat too much overall. I have mates who do better on three meals a day with nothing in between because eating more often makes them want to nibble all day. Others find that smaller, planned meals takes away the urge to nibble. The beauty of dieting is that we are all different. I think a bit of experimentation can be helpful.