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the most you can gain in a a few days (fat)

feeling so paranoid now after being off exante for three days and living off giant millies cookie cakes, ice cream, gaeaux, chocolate cereal, curry and chips, fudge cake and pizza!!!

i wonder whats the most fat you can gain over a period of three days :/ surley you cant gain half a stone in fat or anything???
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You have to eat approx 3500 extra cals OVER your maintenance cals to put on approx 1lb.

For example if my maintenance cals to keep me at the weight I am now are 2000cals I have to eat that 2000 plus approx 3500. Of course this is always approx as a rough guide. Weight gain can look more on the scales because of water retention..food in erm "transit.." glycogen etc...

Hope this helps! x
just wasnt sure if our bodies would store fat quicker than normal since we are on vlcd... id be fine with a two pound gain or something.. i may go weigh in next week... ate nothing at all yesterday felt so sick and hungover and today been 100%
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I don't know about this one.. One evening I figured it's fine to have just a little extra, since I was dying for something different than the soups, after nearly 3 weeks. So I had like maybe 5 spoons of yogurt and 2 slices of cheese instead of one of the soups. None of these were low fat, but not any carbs either. Next evening my constant decreasing weight suddenly leaped up 4 lbs?!!!? Scary experience, both for eating "extra" which I won't do anymore, but now I am terrified about what will happen when I will eat normal again!?


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Remember the first thing it will do is replenish your glycogen stores - it's the opposite of week 1. So I find I can really quickly put on 6-7lbs, which then just as quickly fall off again the minute I'm back on plan - I think glycogen takes about 3 times it's weight in water to store it, so it's not suddenly a whole lot of fat you've gained, but it is a shock on the scales! Just try and get straight back on track, if you can, and you should get a repeat of week 1 where it suddenly goes again. Good luck


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i am back on track but no way am i weighing myself until maybe 10 days lol... then i might see a number I feel a bit better about!!
Sounds like a good idea missjam I've just had 5 days off and I'm not weighing for another 13 days :)


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S: 21st11lb C: 18st9lb G: 11st3lb BMI: 38.5 Loss: 3st2lb(14.43%)
I'm the opposite, I face the music, to know how bad it was, and then I get to 'lose' again, albeit relosing the same bit. Good luck though, I find the difficult bit is getting back strictly on track after deviations. Hope all going well. xx


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ive had 5 days off of the pan as took a group of children with disabilities away on holiday and ate LOTS of BAD food. Its also my birthday sunday and my best friends birthday on Saturday, i can feel ive put weight on already but am planning on enjoying the weekend then getting straight back on it Monday. I think as long as you get straight back on track it will limit the damage, good luck :) xx

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