The new andy


I got two pics up on my profile if anyone wants to see the difference LL has made to me I lost 15 stone in total and now going to the gym 5 days a week getting fitter and fitter every week I started LL on the 20/01/2011 and finished RTM in October. Thanks everyone for all the help you've given me on here and good luck to everyone else on there LL journey x
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finally got them up

iv just worked out how to upload the pics


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I can and will do this!
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You look fantastic!

What an amazing achievement :D


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Oh my goodness Andy. You look great. You should be so proud of all you have achieved. You must feel a million dollars. Or even better, a million sterling!
As time goes by do you find your skin is starting to adjust a bit? I know I will have excess skin but it will be worth it...and does the gym work help that as well as toning and being fitter?


Yea iv alot of excess skin and I went to the doctor iv to maintain for 2 years and then they will get it removed. As for the gym I'm doing the educo gym which is all weights plus I'm up to 3 mile running 3 times a week doing it in 36 min so every week I'm getting fitter. It's alot better than walking for 20 metres and being completely out of breath this time last year


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Hi Andy. WOW !!! you look amazing. You are an inspiration to us all. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.


When I done LL. I never cheated once only thing I done different was I had 2 bars every day after the 1st month but it's a great way to lose weight. I do think you need to exercise whilst doing it as that will help as well.


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Wow Andy! What an amazing transformation!

I've also being doing exercise and have found such a huge difference.


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Omg well done you what an inspiration!! Just sitting here on sofa showing my bf! I'm going back in January to lose 4stone for a friends wedding in April.

Really well done that's fantastic !


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Congratulations and well done:happy096:

You look amazing:wow::wow::wow:



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Hey Andy - well done you. Loving the pics and I'm sure. the pecs !
Happy New Year for 2012.:)


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Just seen your story on the Daily Mail website! Hope you had a great Christmas and here's to a slim and healthy 2012!!


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Fab photos Andy and a great piece in the paper too!