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The Next Phase of My Weight Loss!!

Snap! I've gained 4lbs aswell.... Going to a do tonight so I've decided to call an end to Christmas on Sunday and then start anew from Monday as that's my weigh day.... Good luck with your losses...x
Im glad im not the only one, I got weighed on Thurs and have gained 3 and a half. Im in Scotland at the moment staying in a Travel lodge so no diet this week. My weigh in day is Tuesday so going to start again then.


Thoroughly Determined
You've already drawn the line under it. Which is a great thing!
You know the damage. Recently gained weight is also easier to shift. You'll have it off in no time! :D
Yep so true!! I'm just going to ration the rest of the one million chocs I've got left!!! I always follow the 80/20 rule too - be good 80% of the time and only bad 20%. I managed to get a loss even if I had an over indulgence at the weekend but was good the rest of the week!!
I've just got rid of most of the cheese and biscuits and mulled wine today! It is the weekend!!!
Fingers crossed for WI Friday! I have faith!
It was chrsitmas though so dont be down on yourselves ladies. Its the time of the year to be merry and enjoy yourselves! not just food though the booze whcks on the weight too!

I put on 2.5 lb
It certainly does especially Baileys! Anyone know how many WW points a measure is???


Thoroughly Determined
Baileys Irish Cream 2 (35ml – 2.5) (Discover plan)
Congratulations to everyone who has got back on the wagon, xmas is now over so lets hope we all have a great 2011. All the best everyone. xxx
Big celebration for me today - I lost a pound!! Woop! First loss since christmas! Off we go!!
well done!!
Right, so I gained 2lbs this week! I honestly think it's the kick up the backside I needed to really pull my finger out now!
I can remember being exactly the same last year and although I'm half a stone lighter now than I was this time last year I still haven't reached my goal!
So...... I'll say it again, if I lose 2lbs a week between now and April the 15th I will be at goal!!
Let's go!!!......
Woo Hoo!

I lost 4lb this week! It must be the Sports Active 2 (PS3) I've been doing for the last 4 weeks! Just taken a while to kick in!!
Rubbish week! Been off work with the flu, so no exercise what so ever for a week, just lazing around feeling cr*p!!
Still WI though and gained 3lbs! Just proves that I really do rely on exercise!
Oh well, line drawn and back on the wagon for Monday!!
Another pound loss this week so really pleased!
Well done, you will get there. Looking at your weight loss above it looks similar to mine. I never lose much in Jan and Feb, it has taken me until this week to lose the weight I put on at Christmas and this week was hubbies birthday night out. His choice was an all you can eat chinese buffet so having just lost xmas weight i will probably put on this week. But as long as we keep going we will get there.
Yep, the key is to never give up no matter what. As you can see I've had some gains but I just remember that around this time two years ago I was more than a stone heavier than what I am now!
I'd love to lose another stone by the end of April, but realistically I don't think that will happen.
I don't mind, I know I'll get there eventually!