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The only poem I've ever written!


I will be a Princess!
This is the only poem I've ever written...I think I was 15/16 at the time, so about 10 or 11 years ago :)

A Soldier's Sigh

The dreaded day upon us came,
And nothing since was e'er the same.
"Mother, dear, I'm off to war",
"Oh darling, why? Whatever for?"

Upon that fateful day in August,
The war, by men, was much discussed.
"By Jove let's give the Germs what for!"
"And keep those dogs far from our doors!"

Men like us dressed as soldiers now,
No talk of why? Or where? Or how?
Jubilant now we waved goodbye,
And did not hear our loved ones sigh.

All too soon the war claimed lives,
And left were many lonely wives.
They bore the sorrow and the pain,
But when, for them, would come the gain?

The joy of war soon reached its peak,
As thousands died, more week by week.
Initial pride was now a curse,
Please tell me how this could be worse.

The little boy that used to be,
Lives only now in memories.
We've grown up now, our childhood passed,
A precious time, it could not last.

Awake each day to sounds of guns,
Militant fire that would claim us sons.
Each day we prayed we would be spared,
A common dream, a hope we shared.

A soldier's fate, to serve his King,
To hear the glorious praises sing.
Honour great, but bloodshed high,
Why should it be our fate to die?

These years of war will shape us men,
But once we're shaped, what happens then?
Triumphant joy, our freedom gained,
The victor hailed, the loser shamed.

But when, in war, are victors true?
We all will lose, both me and you.
We all will feel the nation's pain,
And once again, what is to gain?

Regardless of the medals bright,
Few people see a soldier's plight.
And to those few I turn and sigh,
"What do they want? Who more must die?"
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Love God; Love People
Wow Dudette, this is a fantastic poem, and to think you were just a teen when you wrote it. Really emotive and mature. I hope you start writing again! ;)
Woah - this really touched me. Well done! I used to write all sorts when I was younger, maybe I should dig them out and see if there's any treasures like this!
I write and get paid well for it ...You have talent...but poetry is a difficult market...enrole in a constructive writing course ...it will be very fulfilling ...



I will be a Princess!
try and enrol without the 'e'...you don't have to be a wonderful speller to write but it helps if the editor can read it !!!!!!

Lol! I might consider enrolling in a class at some point in the future, but at the moment I'm studying towards a Masters so it's a bit of a no-go :) I'm always envious of people like yourself who have a talent for writing :) xx
This poem is amazing and you have surprised mostly all the aspects of a soldier from departure to war and returning from war.You must start writing again you have talent and you shouldn't waste it,use you imagination and create.

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