The Opposite Effect


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Ok, so i have read that some people see themselves bigger than what they actually are.
Mine is the opposite - i have gained weight these past few years, so the majority of my life have not had a problem with my weight and i have been comfortable. So in my mind i dont think i am as big as what i am, then when i see a picture im shocked at just how much weight i have put on :eek:....... so just wondering, is this the same for any one else??:confused:
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Hi Mrs2be,
I understand what you mean, I think I am the same. It doesn't help that my family are bigger than me so even now my aunties call me the "skinny one". I think everyone has different reasons for gaining weight, mine is definitely that I have never eaten proper meals and was encouraged to snack on high calorie snacks when I was underweight as a child, so for me SW is the perfect diet as I'm training myself to eat properly, I don't have a big appetite but because I'm eating proper meals I don't feel the need to snack.

Good Luck with you weight loss,



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I am exactly the same! I look in the mirror and think I look fine but then I see a photo and think ewwwww. Hoping that will change soon :)


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I was the same hon. I had no clue how big I was until I looked back at photos. Even after I lost a lot of weight and was a 14-16, I wore a dress one day and thought I looked fab. Just the other day I saw me wearing it on dvd, and was horrified!!! I still can't comprehend what I must have looked like at size 24!!
The trouble is, now that I am a 10, I am still confused. I have to look at photos because I know I can't trust what I see in the mirror. I always felt smaller than I was, so I don't know if this is still the case.


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I'm the same ..... I went to a wedding in a dress that I'd spent weeks and weeks shopping for and thought it was 'the one' ...... felt absolutely fabulous .... until I saw the pictures!! OMG I was horrified .... had someone doctored them somehow?? Was there something wrong with the lens??

Nope, it was alll me! Honestly, I could have cried ....... I was actually embarrassed!!

In my mind I'm just a little bit bigger than I was when I got married ..... but the reality is that I'm farrr bigger than I think I am!

However, when I look at myself in pics from our honeymoon I think I look really skinny ........ but at the time felt slim but 'just right'.

I'm hoping that by the end of this year I'll be at goal and once and for all will be able to properly see the real me!



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i hate having my pictures taken, this is one of the main things that im dredding for our wedding!! Hopefully i will be smaller then though!! x


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I got married last year and loved the photos because the photographer was a pro and I had a gorgeous dress. It was my hen do pictures I cringe at. Every bride looks fab on their wedding day regardless of size. Obviously if you've got the willpower to do SW you will be smaller and feel more confident so will look even more fab!


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i am determind now. lost 2 stone, but 6 pounds on over xmas, lost 2 last week and this week i have been 100% so looking for a loss when i weigh on saturday. now i only have till May so more determind to stay on plan. if i can lose 1 1/2 stone by then think i will be happy :)


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glad its not just me, I do my make up in the mirror, tidy my clothes, pat myself down, walk out feeling that I look quite nice (for a fat bird) then OH will take a picture in the snow and i look at the lens like I am about to make out with it.....


then he ruins it all by showing me the damn picture and I am like

OMG, its a combo of hatty jakes, susan boyle and the mitchellen man!

even had a bad dream the other night that I was flirting with someone and they looked me up and down and said 'uurrgghh! you are so overweight!'

I woke up gutted! how mean can life be????

I have been back on track since! lol

roll on a few stone off so I can stop obsessing!
I'm the same, went to a friends wedding ,took me 2 months to find the "perfect dress", got loads of compliments on how nice i looked and felt great that day.... but looking back at the pics and i could die, is that fat woman really me... am i really that big... what was i thinking buying that that dress... aaarrrggghhh!!!! i hate having my picture taken now. I don't want to be like that, i would rather look back on pics and remember what agreat day it was.... so that's my aim for this year, to get thinner, feel confident and love those pics for those pressious moments they capture x


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I'm the same. Look in the mirror and think i look fine BUT when is see a photo realise just how much weight i have put on and yes i am fat now BUT not for much longer LOL


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i mean i look horrendous and fat in the pictures and think when i look in the mirror what do i exactly look like?

but don't forget about the camera piling on the pounds!! its really hard getting advice from pple because they don't like to be honest


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With me it was catching my reflection in shop windows!
There is however a wonderful mirror in the ladies in Tesco at Scarborough that makes you look 3" taller and a stone thinner :eek:


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I have exactly the same problem. Obviously I know I'm big because of the size of my clothes and my weight, but when I look at myself in the mirror I think I look ok. Then I go out and catch my reflection in a window and just want the ground to open up and swallow me!!!
Or, on the very rare occasions anyone gets near me with a camera or worse still a video camera I just cringe when I see the pictures. I hate it which is why I do my best to avoid them at all costs!
Mu husband hates the fact that I wont have my picture taken. He always says that if, god forbid anything was to happen to me, Jacob (our son) would have no pictures of me to keep. Morbid, but I can see his point!

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yes i could have written that myself - i still see myself as a size 8 and wonder how the hell i am now uncomfortable in size 14.

do get shockd when i see myself in photos, mind you i never go near the mirror so no idea what i look like myself