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The Opposite to Constipation is... (TMI)


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Well I have been suffering the past 3 days the opposite to Constipation and I'm not ill, not been feeling rough etc.

I'm 100% SS so very surprised that I have been as my 3yr old says "Squit Pot Botty" and quite a bit too :sick0019:, with little warning (TMI i'm sorry) was wondering if anyone else has had anything like this?
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I did have this yesterday and i had awful tummy cramps, only lasted a little while and i haven't had it since but then i don't go for a number 2 everyday more like every 3-4 days so i think mine was a case of overload lol

Hope you feel better soon xx


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Have you started eating bars by any chance? Some folks can be unduly sensitive to the polyols in them (ever read on the side of a packet of sweets that excess consumption can have a laxative effect... it's that kind of thing :) Anyone who's ever done a low carb diet like Atkins and thought it'd be okay to eat Thorntons sugar-free chocolates will know exactly what I mean...:D)

Are you chewing sugar free gum? - that would do it too. Or some people find that the concentration of vitamins in the shakes can give them a dicky tummy. If it's that, it can help to have half a shake at a time.

Other than that, I'm stumped - unless it's a mild bug of some kind. :)

Hope it sorts itself soon!


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It's pretty common for this to happen due to all the vitamins in the shakes.... If your body isn't used to it, it will just try to get rid until it realises it's doing you some good. x

Reject Doll

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I'm like it after a banana shake!


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Thanks everyone...

Lily, I haven't started on Bars yet... so can't be that. I did start the CD Golden Veg Drink thingy... so not sure if that would have any effect?!

I've not had any cramps or anything like you would normally expect with it..

Maybe the Vits then as you've mentioned... never took a Multivit before so I suppose this is similar in giving you everything all at once! Oh well at least i'll have strong nails!

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I have yes, but it did pass in a few days, hope it sorts it self out x
i had it the 2nd week on my first time of CD, no notice as such, just a massive urge and,the earth falling out :D

It passed in the one day, but left me very empty after.

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