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The Organisation of Classes

I just wondered if anybodu else has the same problem as me about classes?

I have stayed to image therapy most times for the last 4 months and I am considering still going for WI and password, but leaving after that.

The reason for this is that there are always loads of new starters who need the plan explaining to them (nothing wrong with that of course!) but my C takes ages (usually about 40 mins) with the newbies while the rest of us have to wait around for her to start image therapy.:confused:

DO all classes work like this? I can't help thinking it would be better to maybe have an earlier start time for new starters or to have them stay at the end to have it all explained.

I am SICK of wasting so much time waiting for class to start!

Totally no offence to new starters, just the way their induction is dealt with!
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I sometimes go to weigh in just before the start of image therapy, that way you are not sitting around waiting. Most times though I can find someone to chat with. It is a bit frustrating if you actually have a problem and you need to speak to your consultant and she is always busy.

The new year always brings plenty of new members so I expect I'll go in later for the next few weeks.
It's probably 30-40 minutes for my consultant to get started after the Newbie chats. But as it's usually quite a big class, it takes about this long for everyone to get weighed in anyway.

I suppose you could just arrive a bit later so you don't feel like you're hanging around for so long.
Yeah that's a good idea. I tend to go straight from work, there isn't time to go home as the class takes place near work. Our class has a high number of new starters each week so maybe that's why it takes so long!
Our WI starts at 5pm and talk starts at 6pm, our C has always finished with the newbies come 6pm so image therapy normally starts on time, she uses the hour of WI to go through the plan with the newbies which is a good idea, everyone who's weighed in before 6 knows the talk starts then so there's not too much of a problem with waiting around
usually if its just one newbie, my C will let the other woman weigh etc and chat with the newbie first.. but if theres morethan one she'l centre image tehrapy on the plan, so she's explaining it whilst helping everyone else.. such as concentrating the class on how to tackle the 'what do i take to work?' problem so many people have, as then they are learning teh plan whilst she's doing the class, and if the newbies need to, can stay behind and ask more Q's! x
The class is split into two parts, 45mins WI and new member talk which run at the same time, then 45 mins Image Therapy.
You are not wasting time waiting for IT to start, just go to WI later.
My group starts at 5.30 and you can get weighed any time up to 6.15.
If you don't want to socialise with other members (which many do) then go along just before IT.
I used to work quite late when I went to my old group - it said it started at 6.30pm, but that's for new members and beginning of weigh in. After a few weeks I knew that weigh in/talks lasted about 30 minutes, so I was fine to turn up a few minutes before 7. I was always last in, but the consultant always knew once I turned up, it must almost be 7 and time to start!!!

Can you do something similar?
Our class starts at 7 p.m. and I usually get there at about 7.20 when the rush is over and there is still time to chat to people before IT starts at about 7.35
Our C does the newbies at the end of the classes, perhaps you could mention this to her. Yopu may be not the only one in your class that feels the same way. You should not feel this subject out of bounds to discuss. The class is its members!!

Phil x
Our C does the newbies at the end of the classes, perhaps you could mention this to her. Yopu may be not the only one in your class that feels the same way. You should not feel this subject out of bounds to discuss. The class is its members!!

Phil x
Our consultant has 2 classes back to back so this wouldn't be possible. I guess it depends if there's just one class.
My class opens at 7pm for weigh in and IT starts at 7.30. Our consultant does the talk for the newbies in a corner up to 7.30 so most people either sit and chat amongst themselves or turn up just before WI.

Maybe you could try going just before IT starts?
Our consultant does image therapy after weigh in and awards etc... We don't get newbies every week but if we do she usually does it at the end of group. Expecting a few newbies next week though so she might deal with those first. We'll see
our class is a morning one so wi is from 9.30-10 in which consultant does new members then its image therapy then she weighs new members and if we need to ask anything we can stay back or do it in image therapy. our class is very laid back and everyone usually participates in image therapy so it lasts longer than the allocated 30mins but we are friendly bunch and like to yap lol

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