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The picking doesnt want to end....help!!!!

After a very dissappointing loss of under a pound this week:(....you would think that I would stop the picking. But i seem to be eating more and more and even delving into the carbs.....two chips here or two bites of my bf steak....urgh!!! I am so angry with myself and I just dont understand wat is going on. I had a chicken salad yesterday (made at home not bought.....as if that makes it right?). I cant seem to get back onto SS!!!!:eek: And I am scared I will gain at this weeks weigh in on Sat!!!! I do drink up to 4l of water everyday.....although i have one cup of coffee with milk.......HELP.:eek: I just feel like I am messing this up big time and I am wasting precioous weight loss weeks by cheating here and there. Its AAM this coming week and I found it much easier the last time as i had a meal to look forward to. Is it worth me moving onto 790 for a bit and getting my head in the right place to go back onto SS. But ever since I started eating i just cant seem to stop. Wat do i do???

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Go onto 790!!! It's brilliant and the weight loss is bascily the same with SS, I was very reluctant to move onto it as I wanted to keep up the weight loss and was scared it would slow down butit hasnt one bit. Knowing Im having a meal night keeps me on the straight and narrow throughout the day as when you eat you feel so much better for it!

go for it it will help u loads!
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Definately 790 it for a while. The biggest mistake i made was to start nibbling when i was SSing and instead of doing 790 for a while just gave up. I have put nearly all of my weight back on because of it!!
Thanks for the advise guys.....I think I'll definitely move onto 790. Cos I found the first time i did AAM, i really was happier and didnt struggle with the diet at all......didnt even think about food. And i stuck to my portion sizes and was fine. The picking is certainly not helpiing anything as my weight loss has really slowed down, all down to the fact that whatever i'm picking on isnt good.:eek:

So will do my AAM week and see wat kind of loss I have then and see if i can get back to SS the week after that otherwise if i cant I'll do 790 from now on.....plus the fact that i want to pick up my activity levels....I miss the gym...believe it or not.

Thanks for the support guys:wave_cry:
I'm the same as you. I've spent the last 2 weeks picking. Just can't stop it. Got that cad last night I thought I might as well have a few glasses of wine(which ended up as more).
Started AGAIN today. Did ok all day till my husband came home. Opened up his lunch box to make for the following day. Before I know it I've polished off the cake he'de not eaten.
While I'm still picking I feel the diet is a waste of money but I'm so not ready to give up. So I'm going to ask about 790 at my next weigh in to try to get back on track. I've done so well up till now !
I've been picking all this week while at work...I have my weigh in tomorrow. I know I will have put on, but I'm not going to beat myself up about it. I'll just get back on track!! Good luck everyone! =o)

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