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The plan for me???

Hello everyone :)
A couple of months ago i stopped going to Slimming world classes and over the summer have put on a lot of weight, i don't want to go back to SW as I feel it's not right for me and want to give WW a go. I am in the middle of applying for the police and want to get to my healthy BMI and for once FEEL GOOD ABOUT MYSELF :p I currently weigh 14stoneish and would ideally like to get down to 10stone.
Is WW good for a hectic lifestyle, once you get used to the point system? And something that I can get used to for a long healhthy lifestyle?
Thank you for reading, sorry it was quite a long post!!
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I too used to go to SW, on and off for too many years. It worked great for me then but now that my routine had changed i was struggling so changed to WW. I started on the core plan, which focuses on three healthy cooked or home prepared meals a day. It works great and I loved the way that it focuses on healthy cooked meals rather than ready-meals.

Because I struggled with the no-snacking on core, combined with my long commute and very widely spaced meal times, i'm now giving points a go. To be honest i've been finding it very easy, I still have the meals I would've had on the Core plan, but am able to snack on other things and have a breakfast on the run, and still stay well within my points.

In the past i'd always considered WW not to encourage healthy eating as you can still eat junk food - But i'm happy to admit that I was wrong!! You can have junk food, but not much and your points won't go far on it, so you'd just end up hungry, which is why the healthy options always work better!
To start with on the core plan it was ok, but when my meals are spaced out at 6am, 1pm and then 8.30pm, I think my metabolism needed something in between to keep it ticking over!
Hi and welcome. I think that WW would be the perfect diet for you. It fits in perfectly with any lifestyle. So on really busy days you still have ready made meals and on not so busy days do your own cooking. Going out to eat won't be a problem either as its easy to work out points and getting a snack/lunch from the supermarket is just as easy especially if you have a points calculator as you can easily work out the points.

I'd say go for it!
I'm sure you will do great. Good luck!
Hi and welcome. I used to do SW but I find WW much easier to stick to. I struggled a bit at first with the idea of pointing food that had previously been 'free' but now I've got my head round it, it's so easy to do and you learn to gauge what are the lower point options when out and about.

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