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The plot, the plan, the method ...


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Yo to me galz - howz yr Wed goin? Y' know wot, we all have our own way of trying to eat well etc thru the week, but my way is to be good for 6 days and then have it off .... neuuwww maytronne !!! That is, the 7th day off - (grin) - it gives me a focus thru the 7 days, knowing that, even tho SW is the BEST way to monitor our food intake, I can still just have that one day when I can indulge (slightly), as I do miss, in no particular order, PEANUTS, PEANUT BUTTER, CHOC, HAVING A DRINK WITHOUT CALCULATING IT and CURRY !!!! After all, we're mere mortals - it seems to work, I only wanna lose a few pounds and basically wanna just keep on track and within a certain weight range - what I have been stupidly doing tho is to forfeit all Syns, tryin to be clever I 'spose - I craved choc sooo much last night and succombed to a choc chip cookie at my sons parents evening, you know, when the kids supply you with bikkies and drinks whilst u walk around - had full fat milk in a plastic cup of coffee and was ok about it as I hadn't had any HE(a)'s all day - later went to the dog track and had 3 single whiskys (2 drinks were free with the entrance ticket and didn't wanna waste 'em on coke) - so I felt and feel better having used Syns (used 10 and a half last night methinks - 3 x two and a half, plus 3 for the bikky) - however, am still lookin fwd to 'Smigs Day Off'... then itz straight back on SW the next day - oh, and I also do an hour exercise every single day - 45 mins on treadmill at the gym plus gettin there on me bike (around 10 mins each way) - so what's all yr secrets folks, how do u plan yr days ??? Am still SO loving Quorn bangers, dipped in a jar of Bovril !!!!! xxxxx
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