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The Power of the Pull-In

I just wanted to add a post about the pull-in bodysuit I bought from M&S on friday.

It was bought after unsuccessfully trying to find a new dress for the wedding I'm going to this Friday, kind of a final option before opting for trousers and a top.

It has worked wonders for my confidence, all lumps and bumps have disappeared, it makes the size 12 dress I bought look terrific (even if I do say so myself and I'm my own worst critic) and I even had the confidence to go for a night out last night - something I haven't managed properly and comfortably for in the region of 2 years!

At £25 it is the most well spent money in recent times for me - I'd recommend them to anyone and as they are super stretchy and firm I should get quite some wear out of of it before it gets too big.

Phew - glad I got that off my chest.
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I ate my willpower!
I want the Gok Wan one that they are selling in the Simply Yours mail order catalouge but they are all sold out! The one you bought sounds good though!
It is and much cheaper too - the gok wan underwear is lovely but very pricey.
it just takes away the lumps n bumps and smooths them all over. it's a little like a swimming costume. Ive had more attractive underwear but it does it's job so that's good enough for me.
i think they are definitely worth a try - maybe try one on in store first rather than buying one
Ive got four/five of the M&S ones and wear them EVERYDAY, not just for special occasions, I do wear normal pants underneath though so I dont have to wash them after just one wear! I love them, and they give me such a good shape, cos Im so used to wearing mine I feel naked without one on! I dont like the one with part legs in though, they do make me feel too hot! x
Oh and a tip, Ive bought my latest ones off e-bay (new with tags obviously) and got them for £10 rather than £28, but Id only do that once I knew which style and size I wanted x
Great aren't they, I don't think I could wear them every day as the material takes a bit of getting used to, I spent most of the night thinking my pants were falling down lol
Once you're used to them it feels really natural. I love em - Id say they're a must have! Dont do a lot for the sex appeal, but my blokes used to me having to whip em off, and I do TRY to make sure he doesnt see me in em loads as it is a bit of a passion killer! Yesterday while in matalan I saw they're selling them for £8, but they all had leg bits in so I didnt invest xxx
i assume there suppose to feel quite tight to hold ya all in/? i bet it makes ya feel alittle more confident
it makes me feel so much more confident, as I said I dont go out without them, infact Im here wearing them now! x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
mine aren't QUITE as hideous as that....... but prob not far off, dunno bout you Sandrah but mine dont have the kinda flat bit across the tummy x
Mines nowhere near as hideous - is that a bloke in them? Mine looks kinda like a swimming costume.


Just follow the plan
I've not been in M&S for ages and not seen these. Dresses can be tricky to wear if you have a wobbly tum so will definitely invest in the future.
Mines nowhere near as hideous - is that a bloke in them? Mine looks kinda like a swimming costume.
does yours shape your boobs too? mine stops under my bust. x

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