the push i needed?


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My boyfriend is amazing, he surprised me today with a trip to dublin over valentines weekend. I kept LT secret from him this time as i have tried and failed so many times.
He sensed that i didn't seem overjoyed, as i was very worried that i couldn't stick to this diet as i know that i give into temptations way to easily.
i told him about LT tonight and asked him to cancel the trip, which i feel so so bad about, but i kinda think it'll give me a push as i've sacrificed it for this and it'll maybe spur me on to get on with this?, or should we go ahead with it, and tempt myself as there will always be something, and i cant avoid them all?
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Theirs is always next year and a slimmer you:)


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you only live once, why dont you take you shakes etc with you, its only a weekend and how long will you spend outta the hotel room?


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My opinion is postpone it - but that is because I wouldn't want to sabotage my efforts. You know yourself and if you will give in to temptation etc. Is it worth a weekend away and not enjoy yourself fully, but sensibly?

and think - how much nicer and more confident you will feel when you get to go as 'the new you'.

Your call matey !!! xx