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The rules of attraction

Anyone read it? I have to say it's driving me a bit mental, but the absolute core thought is quite a useful one for us Diet Kings and Queens.

In its most simplistic form (and I hope I'm not simplifying too much here!) the core thought revolves around 'you get what you think, and what you think is what you put out there, and what you put out there is what you attract/get back'

The interesting thing for me is that I find it very easy to focus on what I don't want first, and then I'm usually able to get to working out what I do want. I can usually see what's wrong with something before I see what's right with it, and so on.

The RoA reckons that you get back what you want, and equally, by focusing on what you don't want you get that by the bucketful too! Ooh, it's made me think lots and my head hurts. Because in the current final countdown, whilst I am firmly focused on my goal, I'm also struggling like mad. So according to the RoA I'm basically getting everything I don't want too! (Is this making sense?!?)

So even when thinking "I will not break abstinence", I'm basically inviting it!!!!!! Just by thinking it!!!!!

I'm still working through how much of this I'm buying, but I'm designing a few experiments to test some of it out. Yes lovely Mini's - I am now reaching for spiritual enlightenment to get me through these last few weeks! Heaven help us all.

I'm off to review my spiritual vibes...
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I just thought Dancing, that as we are all so obsessed whilst in the LL process (and lets face it, we are!) that there are so many different thought processes going on, many of which are around avoidance.
'I don't want to break abstinence'
'I don't want to gain weight this week'
Even when they're not phrased in the negative, just merely thinking about the stuff you no longer want can be mixed right in with the stuff you do want. And that did make sense to me on the to'ing and fro'ing bus that I appeared to be on, ie. many mixed thoughts going on up there.

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