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the scary world of food!


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So here it is.... my food diary.
I'm quite nervous about doing this as it's not until I write this down that it all becomes real. I am doing the plan from home so if anyone sees I'm doing something wrong please tell me.
So here's todays plan of action:

breakfast: 2 weetabix with milk and a shape zero yoghurt
lunch: omlet with ham, mushrooms and tomatoes
tea: roast beef, boiled potatoes, green beans, brocoli, cauliflour and carrots
syns: will be a packet of crisp and a small yorkshire pudding and maybe some gravy at tea time.
snacks: apple, melon, satsumas
drinks: water and fruit teas

can someone tell me if that sounds ok for EE please? thanks in advance x
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oh just realised I put this is the wrong place.... how do I move it to food diary place instead of being here in weight loss????


I started yesterday myself nettie so as far as i know, that sounds fine to my i think you have got your 1/3 free foods covered, but im sure if im wrong somebody else more experienced will help.as for moving the page, oph dear, maybe copy and paste?? sorry cannot be more help. kateyb x


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i read the otherday about certain ham being synned now, i think its any thats not straight off the bone. not 100% though. looks good though.
Hi, you must have fruit/veg with EVERY meal and you didn't with breakfast so maybe have the melon before or after your weetabix. Every meal must be 1/3 superfree foods for EE to work :) Other than that it looks good. Be careful with the syns in your gravy!


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Thanks very much everyone :)
According to my C as long as you have 1/3 superfree it doesn't have to be with your meal as long as you have it during the day.

I'd syn the yorkshire pud before you eat it, even small ones can be quite high in syns.

And don't forget to measure your milk so you are having all your hexa allowance.

Otherwise all looks well;)


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looks fine - it may help putting your foods into time sections - so it sits easier with the meal times. The X would be free foods, the Y being your superfree choices.

So you could say

Breakfast - x and y
Lunch - x and y
Dinner x and y

That may help you keep on track with the 3rd superfree rules.


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