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The 'sensible eating and exercise' Plan

Hi everyone, would love to know if there is anyone trying to do the healthy eating and exercise(3-5times a week) plan. I thought about weightloss a long time and realised that there is no quick fix to losing weight without side effects. All the VLCDS have side effects such as hairloss and excess skin, etc......... I think Im going to go for the old fashioned way to lose my weight, anyone out there wanting to join me or are doing it?
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I'm thinking about trying to shift another stone before Christmas (yup I know, just over two months to go so "thinking about" really needs to become "actually doing"!). So count me in!

I have to say, I lost 4 stone using the Cambridge diet and had no side effects whatsoever. I also lost a further 2 1/2 stone through healthy eating and exercise, so I'm proof it can be done!


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Well, I don't know if I count but I am doing a healthy eating food diary. I make sure I walk Ozzie at least 5 times a week and record everything I eat and drink and any major feelings/problems ongoing. i would love it if anyone else was doing similar; everyone else seems to have some kind of definate plan!
Of course you count, this diet is basically, trying to eat sensibly, eating a little less than our body requires, so we lose weight gradually and obviously stepping up exercise which I feel is important, as your body uses more calories exercising, walking the dog I would definately say that is regular exercise!!!!

I just thought that it would be good to have a thread which focuses on this natural diet without food aids like meal replacement, or fasting, or pills or strange eating ie grapefruit diet. It allows special event eating, and weekend drinking, personally to keep calories down I keep to drinks I know are less calories like gin and slim line tonic, diet coke and rum, vodka and diet coke, this diet is about making good choices, substituting a higher calorific food and drink for ones which are lower without impacting on enjoyment of life.

Ive started out at 20stone 13lbs, with the help of cambridge Ive lost a stone, and todya I weigh 19stone 11lbs.

I would like any tips on foods which can be subsituted, like low fat/sugar desserts people have enjoyed, other drinks, recipes etc all welcome.

We can do this, we have will power, it maybe slower than other diets but we are doing this for life changing habits than quick results.

Its great to know there are people out there.


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What a great thread! Yes, I like the idea of tweaking my life so that I slowly but surely lose weight. I am doing little things that seem to be making quite a difference. For instance, I have gone from having 3 or 4 biscuits with my morning cuppa to 1 or 2, I am adding in fruit more often than I was. I know I am lazy about chopping/peeling etc so tend to make sure I have grapes in the house and they have replaced my normal 'nibbles'.
I bought funsize packets of maltesers this week so that when I want a treat I have a 108 cal limit and you know what, that little bag is plenty. I eat them slowly, really enjoying them and when they are gone I am satisfied.

Any other strategies to share will be graetly appreciated. I want to do this as naturally and healthily as possible so that the end result is a slimmer healthier me who can actually maintain the changes.
well I go to the gym mon/thurs, I need to have some carbs for my muscles, so i find the packs of oatibix porridge, make a very small bowl of porridge and has lots of different flavours, raspberry and apple my fave, its suprising how small a bowl is but its enough. my personal trainer said have a drink of water before you eat as this helps with the feeling full, I think many people have forgotten what a portion looks like. My porridge portion in the morning with 160ml of milk is about 2oocals and is much nicer than a packet of cambridge!


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Do you do a diary GG? I have to say I find it invaluable as I am rubbish at remembering what/how much I have eaten. I often think I have had a lot more or less than I reallly have.

Sounds like you have a good attitude gym wise, not obsessive but regular, that has to help. When you say 'muscles' are you into body building or just very consious of looking after your muscle tone?

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