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the shame of being me


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i'm 26 i dont go out or have fun anymore because i'm gone soo fat, i joined gyms done diets and by the second week stop because i will not allow myself suceed, i dont know why i do this because i hate not going out or being confident or go swimming with my son:(
two weeks i got my lipotrim stuff and failed twice to start so everyday i let myself starve all day and then pig out majorly promising myself and my boyfriend i'd start tomorrow but alas i have not started!
so this morning at six in the morning my boyfriend before work locked all the doors leading to the kitchen so i can not cheat today! whle i think thats amazing and i know i need it and i did tell him its what i want, i cannot understand how at 26 i hate myself enough to make myself this miserable???
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I know exactly how you feel.... honestly the first week on this diet is hideous but once you get into it!!! Its ok!!!

Just really try to get through the first few days!!! I come on this forum when i other half is eating!!! Also batch cook (If you do the teas) when your feeling motivated!! Or when your partner is in then you don't cheat!!! Lol....

Here if you need any support!!!!

This forum is great!!! There's tonnes of stuff to keep you out of the cupboards!!!

Good look hunni!!!!



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Know what you mean! I felt like everyone was eating in front of me.... ALL the time!!! Its a great feeling though.... a few days in when you realise you are stronger than you think.... its empowering!! I was convinced i was addicted to food!!! But i think it was a deep rooted habit!!! You will get through!!! XXX


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Any time.... try reading about CBT.... i'm going for sessions!! Its expensive but i am determined to change how i think!!! There's plenty of books and stuff on the net though hun!!! If nothing else it kills them hours lol.... xxx


Determined to succeed ...
Hi CherryGem and :welcome2:

Was sad to read your post - You sound so down but I think you'll find many of us on here know exactly how your fell. It was the acknowledgement that I too had a food addiction that was the spur I needed to start this Lipotrim TFR. I would shop and just knowing there was something nice in the house to eat [even when not hungry] I had to seek it out and devour it!

My advice for what it's worth is don't beat yourself up so much. You can't change what you did yesterday - you can only affect today - stick to the 100% ... a day at a time. The only thing dwelling on the past does is trick you into thinking you can't do it


If I've managed to do the first 3 weeks [even with a little blip] and loose 17lb, beleive me, you can.

Be positive, You're worth it and you can suceed

Take Care :flowers:and be kind to yourself...


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thanks very much deezer think your right about cbt i need to be positve and i need to realise i'm mot gonna magic myself slim or happy overnight.
Ted E. Bear thanks for your support i guess i am in a habit of turning to food for every occasion which would be ok if was still living a life but i'm not, so food now is an enemy! its lucky my bf locked the kitchen cause i'm feeling like cheating but again my nner voice is begging me not to! i guess it took years to end up like this so it'll take a while to lose it! its just easier eat cake and chips than shakes! oh well it'll be worth it to feel what its like to be slim x
Chin up Cherrygem. At least you keep trying. One day you will go for it 100%. And deezer always has great ideas and advice to give to people. The first day is always the hardest, but you just gotta turn your back on comfort foods and really put your heart and soul into it because the hardwork really does pay off even after just one day. And the more you see the weight dropping off and you get into the rhythm of things your body won't even want your comfort foods anymore. And this is coming from someone whose been diagnosed with Bodysmorphia and Bulimia Nervosa and is still on the waiting list for cbt. So you're not alone. Just really go for it. Say to yourself, no more! Don't be afraid because change can be a lil scary when you don't know what to expect but you will love the new you and you will want to get out there and sieze the day rather than stay cooped up in the house and going through the motions. This site has been an amazing help to me. And it can do the same for you too. Don't give up.
Hahaha Good for you. Keep that feeling with you.


Determined to succeed ...
Glad it's getting more manageable for you ... Just keep plodding... ;)
Hi Cherrygem, Im 26 too and can identify with not wanting to go out because of my weight. Just the thought of finding clothes etc. is just horrible. But stick with and we can go out feeling fabulous! :)
...and we'll have to get photos up to show off!!!
It is odd what we will do to ourselves!

I'm 25 and finally think I have my head in the right place to lose the weight. I think I must just doubt that I will succeed so give up before I fail. When I think about all the invites and nights out that I have turned down, because I would worry that everyone would be looking at me and thinking how fat I am, I am sad for myself.

I finally realised that if I didn't take action then this would be my life forever. And it isn't a life! I feel so restricted by both my weight and my confidence.

Plus I think there is a bit of me that thinks - I know what it is like now and it is safe - change is scary even when it is positive as it opens you up to hoping for more.
crazyfluffysparkles OMG its like u went into my head and wrote down my feelings! i messed up my lt again and i know its because i'm scaried of being slim, i dont think i'm worth the effort and i'm afraid of having to learn to be a different me
I know what you mean - if I get stressed and want to turn to food, I just tend to slip off the diet and wonder why I am bothering because I'm not strong enough. It is like being slim is a prize that I don't feel worthy of.

I am hoping though that recognising how my mind works means that this is the time that it changes as I can recognise the patterns.
One thing LT has done for me is make me realise how badly i eat!!! How everything revolves round fodd/drink.... and thats normal.... but my intake is not!!!

It makes you step back and really think about what your doing to yourself.... i'm three weeks in and it has already changed how i think about food!!! Good luck ladies!!!!

Here if you need any help!!!! x

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