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  1. sophiee

    sophiee Member

    Im i my 2nd week of WW and iv lost 2lbs so far.
    I have been reading all of people threads and found them to be really helpfull and its so nice to see people leaving messages of support and help.
    Im 25 and i currently weigh 13 Stone and 13 Lbs i would love to be 11 Stone and im hoping that with lots of willpower and help i can do this.
    I go to meeting and my weigh in day is Wednesday.
    I have a membership at a fantastic gym which im going to use a lot more i do swim 3 times a week but think i need to get on the treadmill and rowers etc and also get along to some classes.

    My Propoints allowance is 29 and i dent not to use the extra ones you get.

    I will try and come on here each day and put on my food diary and thoughts.

    Please feel free to chat and leave messages we all need to little support.

    Monday 24th:


    Asda wholemeal wrap = 2
    1/2 tin of tuna in spring water =2
    Asda Extra Light Mayo = 2
    Walkers french fries = 2
    Orange = 0

    Steak & Onion in gravy = 8 (guess)
    Chips = 6 (Guess)
    Peas = 4

    Total: 26 :)

    Green Tea x 2
    Sugar Free Orange & Pineapple x 3
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  3. Cobra

    Cobra Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    Hi !

    just to start off with ! You need to eat breakfast! and don't guess ya points ! also, more fruit/veg will fill you up without using points !

    How did you find your first week ?

    This is my first day on ww, but my wi day is thursday, I planned what I was having at weekend, and did my shop. This is where I went wrong before, as I didn't know what I was going to eat, and ended up doing something that was not suitable.

    I think after reading and reading all weekend, that I understand the diet, where as when I have done SW before, it just didn't click. But saying that, I feel different this time, it feels like now is the time !

    Hope it works out for us both!

    Lisa x
  4. chug

    chug Silver Member

    Hi both

    Welcome both to the forum. I wanted to start by saying you are in the right place for definate. We all help each other. I cant live without the help and support I've received through ww. Also I see this as a challenge for me using the forum because I feel I have to loose something which is always good.

    Sophiee your menu looks good. Cobra is right try not to guess your points or if you do over guess them. I have to admit I'm guilty of it and I paid for it this week because I sts but it wasn't a gain so that was good.

    Most fruits and veg are very handy to include in your food intake because most are 0 points. Saying that I can't really comment much because I dont eat veg as I hate it unless it has loads of gravy over them lol.

    Well enough of me rambling on good luck both and I forgot to say well done Sophiee for loosing 2lb.

    If you need to ask me any questions I will try to help you I have a diary on here to so feel free to read and comment. Here is the link to it:

    Take care
  5. sophiee

    sophiee Member

    Tuesday 25th

    2x Green Tea
    1x Orange
    Im never hungry in the morning so dont usually have much breakfast.

    Homemade Curried Pumpkin, Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup = 1 pp
    Walkers French Fries = 2 pp
    Celery Sticks = 0 pp
    Houmous = 4pp

    Mid Afternoon Snack
    1x Orange
    1x Green Tea

    Homemade Curried Pumpkin, Carrot and Butternut Squash Soup = 1 pp

    Total Points: 8

    Going to the gym streight from work tonight so wont be home until about 8pm so will just have to soup again. If i eat too late i always wake up with bad bloated stomach.

  6. Cobra

    Cobra Silver Member

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    Sounds nice that curried pumkin soup !

    I myself am not a morning eater, but have been eating half a tin of fruit around half hour after getting up, as it quenches my thirst! then I have my coffee with sweetners (YUK)

    How many points are you meant to be on a day ?

    Don't forget to work out your points you gain for swimming!

    Lisa x
  7. sophiee

    sophiee Member

    Im on 29 Points a day but most days i cant eat that much.
    I tend not to point for my exercise either.

    Would eat a little more today but my stomach is killing me and all bloated!!

    Me and bread are such enemy's!!!

    How are you doing on WW you lost much?
  8. Cobra

    Cobra Silver Member

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    Slimming World
    my first wi will be on thursday, but I started the diet on monday, as I had to plan my meals and get everything in!

    I would expect maybe a 1lb loss this week, but to be honest, I would not be bothered if I didn't loose, seeing as I would have only done it for 4 days, maybe next week Ill have a nice loss! who knows!

    My problem with weight loss before, is that I don't eat enough and what I do eat is the wrong stuff, egg on toast, bacon butties etc!

    I am on 31 points a day, and to be honest I was starving yesterday, today Ive not been too bad, but it is TOM, so I think that is whats making me hungry!, Im already 10 points into my emergency 49 points lol, but I used the points wisely!

    Lisa x
  9. sophiee

    sophiee Member

    Im sure you will do really well in your weigh in on thursday.

    Today has been a good day iv not got a bloated stomach (didnt eat bread yesterday).

    Wednesday 26th

    Green Tea x 2

    Curried Pumpkin, Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup = 1 pp
    Walkers French Fries = 2 pp

    Mid Afternoon Snack:
    Corn Thins = 3 pp

    Wholemeal Wrap = 2 pp
    Tuna = 2 pp
    Extra Light Mayo = 2 pp
    Rice Bag = 5 pp

    Total Points = 17/29

    15 Mins X Trainer
    15 Mins Treadmill
    10 Mins Stepper
    10 Mins Ski Machine
    15 Mins weights
    5 Mins Power Plate
    = 70 mins exercise :)
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