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The Swansea Trial


Laugh in the face of food
The Swansea Trial - Body Composition and Metabolic Studies With a Very-Low Calorie Diet.

I've struggled so much to get this weight off (and still have a way to go yet) so I'm terrified at the thought of putting the weight back on again, especially because I know how easy it is to put it back on in quite a short period of time.

I decided a while ago that I was going to start looking into maintaining my weightloss because I'm very determined not to get fat again. Having ballsed it up the first time and put almost 3st back on, I'm NOT going to let it happen again!! So I'm just about to start reading this book.

The job I do is very science based so this book is the type of thing I'm used to reading although it might be a bit heavy going for some. I'm hoping that it will shed some light on how our bodies function on VLCD's and what happens to our bodies when we come off them.

There has got to be a scientific way of maintaining your new weight other than eat less and do more exercise. I don't think that this very simplified theory will work on it's own. For starters you will be increasing your calorific intake (although gradually) from 500cal to maybe 1500-1800, naturally your body will react to this.

My little theory (I may be way off base with it mind you) is that if I'm going to be increasing my calories I'm definitely going to have to increase the amount of exercise I do. SO because I do a lot of exercise already the amount of exercise I'm going to need to do to maintain my weight is going to be completely unachievable with a full time job and social life to fit in too. I have decided to cut down on my exercise until I reach my target, then once I've worked back up the plans I'm going to increase my exercise.

Like I said this might be completely the wrong way to go about it, But I need some kind of plan. With what I've read about weight gain and maintainance over the last couple of days, it's easier to lose weight than it is to maintain the loss. This worries me so much - I never want to be the weight I was again. I was miserable, lacked confidence and felt dreadful about my life, I can't live like that again. That's why I need a plan, and because I have a science brain, I'm trying to approach it in a scientific way.

So I'm really hoping that the trials in the book will give me some idea of what to expect.
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needs a real kick in the
i actually think that makes alot of sense, let us know what you get from the book x


Laugh in the face of food
I will do. Sad as it seems I really need something new to get my teeth into (skuse the pun lol) and this book is written exactly like the articles etc I had to read for my degree and masters, so I'm used to it and find it fairly easy to get my head round. I really hope it provides me with some answers.

Keep you posted!!

PS I'm also reading How Not To Get Fat by Ian Marber. I think it's a bit late to be reading that mind, I've renamed it How Not To Get FATTER!! It's quite good so far.


needs a real kick in the
lol, its taken me 6 months to read 1/2 my stephen king book, id be hopeless. xx


Laugh in the face of food
Luckily for me I like reading and quite often have a couple of books on the go. I also like to have little projects on the go - which is why I did so much uni stuff when I really didn't need to for my job. Ha ha maybe I just need to get out more.
Hey there

Any time spent thinking about, reading about and planning for maintenance is time well spent in my book because it is by far and away the hardest part, mainly because it is about making changes to the way you eat for life.

This book certainly sounds interesting and I would be keen to hear more. The only thing I would say is that I am maintaining, eat a well balanced and full diet and never exercise so it can be done, don't lose hope!



Laugh in the face of food
Ah Porgeous that does actually fill me with hope, because a lot of what I've read (not in the Swansea Trial but in the other book) was quite depressing stuff. As far as I was concerned I managed to maintain my weight for a few years (albeit at 17st) following a modified version of Slimming World, so I figured I could do it again and maintain my target weight in a similar way. I like exercising, but not to extremes. So you've made me happy Thanks x


is starting to disappear!
Always good to hear that people can, have and still are maintaining. I know that will be my biggest challenge and so like Surf, I too am starting to think about how I'm going to do it.

Well done on maintaining though Porgeous xx

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