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The travesty of the X Factor


Nojo on the YoYo
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Totally agree!! She made a show of herself. Danyl is a possible winner, he should so not have been in that bottom two.

Simon should pull rank and just get rid of John and Edward. It's his show, it would get so much publicity, like the John Sargeant thing on Strictly.
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it was funny at the beginning with the twins, but now half decent singers are gettin to boot when they shouldnt be!!!! maybe they will get thr hint and realise they are taking away someones dream by being kept in and just leave? heres hoping!!
I think she was trying too hard to be like Stacey and just made a total fool of herself.

He couldnt do that and it would really be unfair. Theyre crap but to be fair the judges put them through to boot camp, Louis chose them and the public are keeping them in, they havent really done anything wrong. Thousands of crap singers auditioned somehow those two got through the net. Theyre on borrowed time though, the novelty factor will wear off


Nojo on the YoYo
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I know, it wouldn't be fair, but what started out as a joke by Louis to wind up Simon has gotten out of control. The voting public are choosing to wind up Simon more than they are choosing to vote for the best singer.


Nojo on the YoYo
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Do you think he'll be laughing if John and Edward last all the way to the end? I think he's already panicking about this a little bit, because he's contractually obligated to plough a million quid into them if they do.
They wont win. People dont geniunely think theyre talented. People are voting for the underdogs the way they always do. The joke will stop being funny soon, I bet another week or so and that'll be it for them. Im sure they realise theyre on borrowed time. I bet theyre just delighted to have lasted this long and got a place on the tour next year :)


Nojo on the YoYo
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Perhaps. At least I hope so.

And the Big Band argument... Louis slagged off Simon for using a U2 song... then gave John and Edward a song by that well known swing artist Ricky bloody Martin.


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I'd better start by saying that I don't actually watch X-Factor, except when the wife has it on, but it is hard to keep away from it!

I am guessing the twins have gone through again, lol.

As much as people think it is unfair/fix/ridiculous/etc it really doesn't change anything. Nobody is going out who would have won it. The winner will still be the same person/group whether the twins went out first week or the finals. The result remains the same.

I could be wrong, but I bet most of the people complaining don't even vote? I know I wouldn't!!

Currently there are still lots of acts, and some seem quite good, so the total vote is splitting across a lot of outcomes, and the strong support the twins has is seeing them through. As the amount of acts drops, so the total amount of votes will not be spread so thin, and sooner or later they will be out.

Getting a little serious now, but kinda makes me think of the BNP! They get much further than they should, because not enough are voting for the others!!! Art imitating life :)
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I really disliked the twins ar first but I don't resent them taking the opportunity that's been given to them. I confess to finding myself actually looking forward to seeing what they came up with on Saturday (I probably need therapy) because I found the rest of the acts a bit same-y, but then I don't think big band week is fair on most of the young acts.

I loved Michael Buble last night, a great performance IMO, especially after Whitney's poor attempt last week.


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Well i actually think john and edward are very entertaining and it makes me giggle that everyone dislikes them so much!! I know they cant sing and but it is their dream and i think its great that they keep going with the amount of stick they get. Simon cowell will never get rid of them he knows how many viewers they get for him each week!!


Nojo on the YoYo
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Heh, did someone just compare J&E to the BNP? Genius! :p


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Now don't start throwing stone's at me - Ouch!!! that one hurt.....

I have never ever watched an episode of The X Factor (ducking) - I am a Strictly Come Dancing fan and always watch that.

I have to say as well that these 'wanabee' singers bring Simon Cowell more and more millions every year and there is only 'Girls Aloud' and 'Leona Lewis' who seem to have made a name for themselves - maybe I am being cynical, but I feel it is exploitation and just putting more money in Cowell's bank account/s.

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