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The Trials and Tribulations of a Seriel Dieter


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T'was the day before......................Sunday 29th May 2011

I really need to take myself in hand! I've watched my weight creep up and up until I'm now weighing in at 13st 10lbs! I've followed almost every weight loss diet known to man (well maybe that's a slight exaggeration lol) but enough is enough!
I was at the doctor's last week and my blood pressure was a wee tad too high!!!! Sent to the Practice Nurse to have a full hypertension workup who after taking blood and checking my BP sent me to hospital for ECG!!!!! Jeezo!!!! Not 52 yet and beginning to feel doomed!

So................ I will lose weight slowly but surely until I get down to 10 stone! If I say - 3 & 1/2 stones - really quickly it doesn't hurt as much - mmmmmmmmmm see? Yet another way of hiding the truth from myself! All these excuses have to stop!

My promise to myself is that from now on I will be brutally honest in this diary! I will write in it every day and use it to track what I eat, any exercise I take, whether I'm at work or day off and how I'm feeling about life, food, work etc!!!!! No more hiding the truth from myself!!!! Slimming World Food Optimising here I come (again) - if I can get my head into it then it really works for me - I've proven that in the past!
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Day 1 - Monday 30th May

Breakfast: Eggs x 2 Poached (Free Food)
Wholemeal Bread x 2 small slices (B choice)

Lunch: Mug Shot - Spicy Thai (Free Food)

Tea: Roast Pork, Sliced Peppers, Roast Potatoes, Peas and Sweetcorn (All Free Foods)
Chicken Gravy Granules - 2 teaspoons ( 1syn)


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Day 2

Bacon Medallions x 2 grilled
Eggs x 2 Dry Fried
Wholemeal Bread x 2 small slices (B Choice)
Tomato Ketchup x 1 tblsp (1 syn)

Thin sliced Roast Beef
Mixed Salad
Pickled Beetroot
Mixed Pickles

Thin Steak x 2
Bowyers Sausages x 2 (2 syns) - (I made the steak and sausages into Beef Olives)
Boiled Potatoes
Mixed Vegetables



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I hope I'm doing this properly - I know from past experience with SW that the more organised I am and the more detailed I make my food diaries then the better chance I have of succeeding


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well done for keeping a record I really must start- am very new to sw it will be interesting to follow your posts- good luck xx
Yep, I'm the same. Planning is everything. If I leave it to the last minute I'm liable to have something rubbish that doesn't really follow the plan: for example the other night I had bacon medallions, baby jacket potatoes and processed peas. Totally not balanced as far as Extra Easy goes as I should have had some other veg instead of the peas, but I hadn't planned my meals very well and I had nothing in! I justified this meal by following it with a Mullerllight and the fact that I had eaten a lot of fruit throughout the day, but it's not really the way to go!
Good luck!
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Thanks folks - and 'Good Luck' to you all as well x


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Day 3
Well...................... not too sure how much damage I've done today! I was on a clinical day (left home at 8am and got home at 8pm) escorting a patient on a home visit and had to eat out.

Breakfast (At Arrocher): Bacon x 4 slices
Rolls (white!!) x 2
Spread x 2 15g pats

Lunch (In Tarbert): Fruit Scone
Strawberry Jam x 1 15g sachet

Tea(In Inverarry): Fish & Chips although I did leave more than half the chips

I need to be extra good tomorrow - feel free to add comments folks x​


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Am I posting this thread in the wrong place? Should it be in the Food Diaries section? I'm still finding my way around - so bear with me folks - if it is in the wrong place is there an easy way to move it to the right place????
I wouldn't know about moving threads but i'm sure there must be a technical place on here if you want to- how is it going for you at the mo?
Well......................... WI this morning and I lost 1 lb!! I'm not sure about the Extra Easy plan and think I'm going to go back to Green/Original days for this week and see how I get on. Still chuffed it's a lb off though - Good Luck to everyone for this week xx
Hey folks - sorry I've been AWOL for a couple of weeks - hit a really bad spell but I'm back now! Hopefully I'll get back on track and post regularly again! I still managed to lose a few lbs though and I'm now down to 13 st 6lbs from 13st 10 lbs - yayyyy me!!!!