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The water thing


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Can someone please explain the science behind why you lose more weight on CD if you drink more water?

Surely just eating less calories and doing more exercise is why you lose fat?

But everyone swears the water in take makes a big difference and I just wondered why.

(I am a good girl and drink 3 - 4 litres a day so I am not trying to find an excuse to stop, just wondered)
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Food contains water, and because we are not consuming any food it is essential we drink in order to compensate the water we have lost from foods. It stops us from getting dehydrated and keeps us in ketosis.

I'm sure a CDC will explain it far better than me though!

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Hi Guru,

there are loads of reason to this, the usuals like helping you to feel full but one thing i found was this:

Part of the reason that drinking cold water helps you lose weight is because it lowers your body temperature slightly, which means your heart needs to work extra hard to maintain the ideal body temperature of 98.6 F, buring calories in the process.

And i like this because iam always freezing after drinking some water, i can always feel the drop in temperature so at least i know at that point im officially burning more calories! whoop whoop!



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Ooo does that mean we'll lose more weight in the winter than the summer as it's colder?
I think it's something to do with ketones being expelled when you wee. So if you drink more water you're pushing more out? That's just my own reasoning.
ohh yeah i didnt think of that! if the theory of buring more calories is right then that must be the case??! lol!!! i cant help laughing at you toilet situation ans the sea! You will have to go out! dont hold out too long else you will start getting uncomfortable..x
Oh, from the CD website;

There are several reasons. A good rule of thumb for good health is to drink 4pt (2.25 ltr) of fluid a day whether trying to lose weight or not. If the Cambridge Diet is used as the ‘Sole Source’ of nutrition, this is the minimum for good Health. The reasons for this include:
A very low calorie diet (VLCD) like Cambridge produces a natural water loss and this must be replaced.
Food is largely composed of water, just like our bodies. On the ‘’Sole Source’’ programme it is necessary to compensate for the fluid that would otherwise have been taken in through food. It is important to keep the body’s fluid levels topped up to prevent the unpleasant symptoms of dehydration – headache, dizziness, fatigue, irritability and constipation.
The Cambridge Diet offers balanced nutrition but in a very concentrated form.
It is therefore ideal to have 250ml (half pint) of water before each diet product to dilute the concentration of minerals and to help prevent any possible feeling of nausea.
Extra fluid enables the body to get rid of the waste products associated with the breakdown of fats resulting from weight loss.


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There's also complicated things involving the liver and the Krebs cycle. I am sure I've seen it somewhere on this site, will try and find it.


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Great - thanks girls!


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Extra water is taken for the health benefits (ketogenic diets are dehyrating), rather than the weight loss aspect which is basically a myth.

Please read here

Cambridge Diet: Consumer FAQs: Using The Diet: Why must I drink so much?

Also please note that though the required amount can help remove waste products associated with the breakdown of fats. it doesn't mean twice as much will mean you lose more weight. Just why you need to make sure you have no less than 2.25L (extra for tetras and bars)

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Water also helps suppress the appetite as well as flushing your system. Plus, if you dont drink enough your body hangs on to it, thinking you're dehydrated. This can affect your weight loss, so its best to keep drinking to avoid 'water weight'

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