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the way doctors react to LT

i have read a few posts on here where doctors are not happy when you say you are on LT you know we cannot win when you are over weight they moan when you try to do something about it they moan when i had to go into hospital for a laparoscopy i was in a ward with lots of other women i watched them all come and go home :wave_cry: i was told i would have to say overnight because my bmi was high the way they spoke to me i thought i was going to drop dead any minuite my husband phoned to speak to me i told him i had to stay in because i was a fat b*****d the nurses face was a picture :eek: i felt humiliated i thought i am never going through this again so if that means me being on this diet then so be it everytime i have to go back to hospital as i have got more gyne problems told i might need another op so this time i am trying to get down as much as i can to see whats said to me the op is a day case again lets see if i have to stay in this time because of my bmi ( sorry for the rant ) needed to get it off my ever shrinkling cheast ha ha ...jenni
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lol I relate...you probably saw my post.
Worst one for me....went in to get the Pill once as a skinny student and was told 'we're concerned about you, you need to go away and put some weight on before you can have it again'
Took them very literally and just 2 years later 'you need to lose some weight before you can have this again'!


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I have posted this before but.....

my doc said she didn't love it but......I was obese and have diabetes, heart disease, cholesterol, breast cancer and arthritis all strongly in the family. If I lost the weight I would almost cut out my risk factors for all of these completely. So she was behind it in my case 100%. But she said the biggest let down of LT seemed to be a lot of people put a lot of the weight back on within a year.

So I told her I had lost 2 stone on ww before and put back on 4stone. Lost the 4 stone again on ww and put back on 4.5 stone. So if I do put the weight back on ...... it will be MY fault and not LT. She agreed entirely!
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It was my GP who initially told me about LT, even though I didn't take her advice till 8 months later!!!!! Now I tell people I am losing weight on a diet recommended by my doc without actually telling them what diet it is!!!



is loving the soup?!
good one CF!

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