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The week of eating far too many bad things!!


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And once again i've fallen off the wagon!!!

Went for the mass curry on wednesday (flexy syns about 35 syns)

19.5 syns on thursday,
23 Syns on friday (blame the o/h for ordering indian take away for tea!!! :sigh: and me not having any willpower)
6 on saturday - but did have chips that where fryed - and white bread :cry:)
20+ on sunday, had a doughnut and two 50% reduced fat sausages!


But did go swimming on thursday and saturday morning, Saturday i pushed myself a wee bit too much and i have strained the muscles in my arms :(!

Soooo going to be really good today and tomorrow and hope tomorrows WI isnt too much of a gain!!!

Alyce x
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im new so still getting to grips but at least you have admitted it. So many (prob myself included) would just wipe the week out as a failure and binge all week struggling to get back on track. At least you have madea decision that today is the day, well done on ur weight los so far x


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Well done for counting up all your syns! You've had a bit of a stumble but the best thing you can do is go to class and get right back on track.

I've had 2 weeks on and off and on and off the wagon - part of the trouble was I couldn't get to my last 2 classes and when I weighed at home I wasn't actually seeing any bad impact on my loss - so I thought I was beating the system (silly silly).

Spend some time thinking about your reasons for slimming in the first place, what made you start, how much you want to lose those lbs and then plan some of the delicious food you can eat when back on plan 100%.

I've been properly back on plan since Saturday and am LOVING my food again, the food I was eating when off plan just made me feel horrible whereas I know SW style will make me feel in control and healthy!

You can do it, hopefully the scales will be nice tonight :D

Yeah - look, at least you know how far off track you've gone! I made NO attempt to count my syns so I have no idea how much damage has been done (I was on a hen weekend).

You know what needs to be done to get back on with it...so the very best of luck. Stick with it. All we can do at times like this is put it behind us and crack on with it.

Chin up :D
Alyce i feel of the wagon again this week - so we are in the same boat!

Had the toffee crisp (which i'm still VERY annoyed about - ha ha). Went out for lunch on Saturday and had a Hot Beef Pitta with sweet chilli dip and homemade (gorgeous thick cut) chips!!!! (and i never eat chips but they came with it and i couldn't resist - didn't say so on the menu!) Then i had two bacardi's adn diet cokes and a bottle of wine!

Then last night i had pork crackling and a bottle of wine again!

If dp brings it i drink it - no willpower.

It's my weigh in tomorrow

Fingers crossed xx GOOD LUCK

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