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Laura's Diary- Correcting bad habits!

Hiya Everyone!

I am a self-confessed carb junkie, sugar junkie, boredom and emotional eater.
3 weeks ago I decided to end this destructive cycle I have with food!
It was a very unhealthy relationship In more ways than one.

I was bullied quite a lot as a child and in my early teens, mainly around my weight. I was never fat, just a bit of 'puppy fat'. A sensitive child, I was an easy target for bullies and it left me with an 'emptiness', which consequently I tried to fill with food. My dad is one of those "eat everything on the plate" kd of dads, as he came from a very under-privileged background and likes us to eat eat eat! Only whe we had finished our dinner, ere we allowed dessert (usually a chocolate/other flavor yoghurt of some kind). This was the beginning f one of my first habits, which is after eating a huge savory meal, then craving something sweet.

Not that I blame my dad, I don't at all but it was this 'eat all that's on the plate before you have dessert attitude' that was drilled into me, which now as an adult, has been super difficult to break.

Eating quickly is on of my big problems too, I barely taste my food before I swallow it and don't give myself enough time to digest it and feel full, before I go up for second servings!

Then within an hour after dinner I chow down on something sweet, even if im still full!

I'd eat when im bored, when im sad, when im happy or angry or having a shitty day or if my friends are eating, ill eat too, evn if I have already eaten.

When I startd dating my current boyfriend 4 years ago, we go 'comfortable' as you do in long term relationships and we both kind of 'let ourselves go'

I became depressed, suicidal, I hated the way I looked with a passion, id self harm, not necessarily cutting myself, but punchng scratching because I was so frustrated. Finally, after years of struggling with body issues, I sought out a lovely doctor's help who put me on anti-depressants and referred me to a councilor.

Which seems to have improved my frame of mind significantly, and now that im in a good frame of mind, I knew that I could start the CD and be successful!

So... three weeks In and ive lost about 4kg, which is about 8lb I think?? correct me If im wrong! I haven't been to my third weigh in yet so im not sure what ill be this week!

ive had some slips and trips, last weekend was my last week of my nursing degree, so I did indulge on chips (I felt soooo sick afterward) then on the Saturday night I had an engagement party which had a buffet, which I totally indulged on....oops.

Still I did lose some weight, so I have to be happy with that as I was afraid I might gain it!
Im quit god during the week, as I have a routine with work or university etc and this week, like week one, I have ben 100% coherent to the diet, which makes me feel good.

HOWEVER, today I was craving nuts soooo bad, I mean intense cravings just for some plain walnuts or peanuts or anything...so ive just had about a handful of plain walnuts. Although, im not feeling TOO bad about it, as it could have easily been chocolate I was craving and I could be eating mass amounts of chocolate right now, but im not, so im happy!

I have about 10 more kg to lose, Im tall (about 5ft 9), so my consultant and I are happy for me to sit at around 70-72kg (11stone-11 3). Which would be perfect!

:) this forum is awesome! :)
Hope to hear from you all on your adventures with CD!

Laura xx
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So I'm 6kg (12lb) down and feeling so much healthier! I have another 7kg (14lb) to go before I'm at my goal weight but it seems very doable after having such great results after 3 weeks!

I did gain 500gms (1lb) this week because it was my last week of exams ever ! And I celebrated hard ! But I'm not even worried about it- go straight on the band wagon again this week and I'm feeling great and seeing that I'm losing weight once again :)

Hope everyone is doing well!!

Laura xx
Hi Laura, I can't believe your story sounds so much like mine! I've got the same problem with food and I'm even the same height! Sounds like you're doing very well on the diet:) I had a cheat week last week too and restarted again on Monday. Think we have the same amount to lose as well even though I'd love to be 63 kg but that might be a bit too skinny..
Let me know how you get on:)
I thought around 63/64kgs was my aim too but last year I got down to 70kgs and it was a really good weight and I looked healthy!

I definitely want to see you go too! we will probably struggle in the same areas and can help each other through ! Xx
Yeah it sounds reasonable, guess I'll just be very happy when I'm at 70 because haven't weighed that much for about 8 years now and I'm only 23! So that's quite embarrassing. I want to get rid of this extra fat forever! :)
Just going back to your first post about finishing all the food on your plate: I'm exactly the same! It has to do with the way we were brought up. I just can't waste food but then again when the portion is too small I feel like it's not going to be enough.. It's a very difficult thing to get over. Hopefully after losing all the weight we will be able to deal with this better:)
I'm 20 and I haven't been under 70kgs for 5 years :( so it's somewhere id like to get for sure!

And with the portions I am exactly the same !! I feel like small portions won't fill me up and then I give myself a large portion and keep eating even if I am stuffed!

I definitely struggle with That!

How long have you been on CD?
I've still got a supply of cambridge so I've only had two exante products so far, the choc orange bar which was quite nice and chocolate shake which was not so nice:/ the cambridge chocolate shake is so much better! Oh well when I lose the weight I'll hopefully never have to drink that stuff again:)
Exactly just drink it down and and picture a slimmer, healthier you ! Haha

I feel a lot more on control of my diet since doing Cambridge and am confident that when I get to my goal I'll be able to maintain it by eating clean and healthy. I'm finding that if I get cravings it's for healthy things. In the past, a diet where you have to prepare particular dinners and breakfasts etc always seemed so out of the realm of
Possibility as my cravings for sweets and other unhealthy things was totally out of control!
I feel like my brain and hunger has been reset haha

Even though I will allow myself "cheat days" etc I am confident I will be able to maintain my goal this time around ! :)
Just made the yummiest cd ss+ approved chicken Kiev- style dinner ever !
120gm chicken breast
1/2 the cottage cheese allowance
40gm asparagus
40gm broccolini
Pinch tumeric
Pinch mixed herbs

So I started by putting the chicken in a freezer bag and smashing it with a big glass bottle to flatten it out.
Secondly I spread the cottage cheese the length of the chicken piece and rolled it up- securing it with a skewer
Finally rubbed some tumeric and mixed herbs on the top.
Cooked for 30mins on 180degrees FF
Steamed the veges

And voila! The most delicious clean and CD approved chicken Kiev ever ! Yuuum



Going much better than expected actually!
My first night on night shift I wasn't hungry at all, my second night was the same.
Tonight though I got very hungry- so I had a shake which was fine as I hadn't eaten during the day except my green and whites meal just before leaving the house.
I've had some nuts and that here and there when I need to nibble- but my CDC said that it would be fine :)
I've been walking a lot- so hopefully that'll help me lose weight too.
All in all it's going okay!

How about you??

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