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The Weight Watchers ramblings of Mizcardio

After having my 3rd child in 2006, my weight had ballooned to a whopping 204lbs and wore a very tight size 18/20. I have NEVER been a big gurl! In April of 2007 I got my act together and began the Atkins weight loss plan. Guess what? It worked!! I was amazing! I lost 15lbs my first 2 weeks and the weight KEPT coming off. I began cooking and eating foods that I never in a million years thought I’d cook or eat. By my one year Atkinsversary, (April 2008) I had dropped well over 50lbs and dropped 11 dress sizes. I was so excited that I enrolled in a school and in 4 grueling months I was certified as a Personal Trainer. Ohhhhh how sweet it was. Well…it has been 3 looong years, and I have managed to keep the majority of the weight off but the problem is, I no longer enjoy the foods I need to eat as a low carber. I have experimented with so many new foods that many of them that I love are super high in carbs. I have gained 27lbs and I’m NOT happy at all about that! In May of this year I got my license to teach Zumba but I’m not liking my own body as it stands. I’m far from what I was but I’m not what I should be as much as I workout. I decided to give Weight Watchers a try. I like the variety of foods so I’m hoping this will slim me down. The biggest issue for me is trying to re-think how I eat. Carbs have been the enemy for over 3 years and now they seem to be taking over my menus. Of course they’re whole grains and such but that carb *fear* still haunts me. I’m working very hard to let go of the old and start fresh with WW. Some look at me and say, “Girl you *still* look good!” Ummm, I guess I do compared to how I did in 2007. I just know that if I don’t get a handle on this 27lbs…it will keep on adding up until I am BACK at 204lbs or higher…THAT is not an option here.
***please be warned that I’m a picture junkie…

Let me post a few pics…


*is that a double chin?*

08/05 *newly married and getting bigger!

My daughter was a few weeks old

Rock bottom! 204lbs size 18-20

06/07 coming down

Not bad eh??


05/08 *GOAL*

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:p How awesome!:p
I've had company!!
Thanks so much Nikki...I look forward to getting to know you and everyone else here! I love to post...especially pixies:crazy:
so is the last picture the most recent one? the difference is still phenomenal and you look gorgeous. You have a lovely figure!

You're not the only one who fears carbs but they are so beneficial for your body, its just a case of making sure you eat the right amount :)

good luck with WW hun xxx
so is the last picture the most recent one? the difference is still phenomenal and you look gorgeous. You have a lovely figure!

You're not the only one who fears carbs but they are so beneficial for your body, its just a case of making sure you eat the right amount :)

good luck with WW hun xxx
Thanks so much! I need to quit playing and take a more recent pic. That last one was Labor day of 09'. THAT'S when I initially noticed the weight creeping on.
Hmmm…. A little more about me??
I’m a wife to this dude:

I’m a mommy to these handsome prince’s

And of course I can’t forget about my baby princess!

I work fulltime outside my home, then I have clients that I train at my house and 3-4 days a week I teach Zumba & Hip-Hop classes. I’m a pretty busy chick these days!
Okay, this is the most recent pic of me…I was at the studio about to teach Zumba. Trust me when I say I was holding it in!!! *lol*


plodding away
Just dropped in and wow fab photos, cute children too - hubbies not too shabby either ;)

You look great but I can understand you wanting to get rid of those annoying extra pounds, better to do it now before it gets harder.

Good luck with ww I am sure you will get rid of those pounds in no time


Mini-Addict :)
Hi , just wanted to say hey and :welcome2:!

What beautiful kids you have :)

This is a fab place for support, u'll love it :)

Vanda- thanks for the comps on my family. They’re my rock and I’m so blessed to have them! I wish I had started this personal intervention when I had gained the first 10lbs.

Lainie10- I’m excited to meet new people and get/give support. Thanks for peeking in on me!
Goood morning to all!!:flowers:

Let me just say that there’s some crazy things going on with my weight loss and my scale! My normal weigh-in day is Saturday but because I’m so excited about how well I feel I have done with my eating, I peeked at the scale last night. Do you know it shows that I have gained another .5 pound!!!! :argh: Seriously???
Okay but here’s the crazy thing- my clothes are getting looser on me. I am wearing a pair of shorts today that fit me better than they did when I bought them 2 years ago! At first I was mad about the scale but my shorts today have made me feel better. This is my PMS week so perhaps I’m retaining some water or PMS weight. I’m just going to celebrate my NSV and keep tracking my points. That darn scale is going to eventually move in a more pleasing direction!
Gorgeous family:D

Well done on all your Atkins achievement
you have certainly done well
very impressive indeed.
And good luck for tackleling those last pesky pounds
WW style
stay away from the scales mid WI they always lie lol
I'm sure you'll find you've had a loss come the end of the week


Love God; Love People
Hi Mizcardio, fascinating story. Your Zumba Fitness logo caught my attention. I 'discovered' Zumba a year or two and went regularly for a while but stopped due to work commitments. It was great though; so much fun and such a great workout!
I hope you get on well with your new plan!
you seriously dont look old enough to have 3 kids! you still look fab but like Vanda said, can understand why you want to drop a few lbs :) x
You have a beautiful family! Loved the pics of your weight loss journey - what a transformation, you look fantastic. Good luck on the rest of the journey! :)

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