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The worst SW Ive had!!!


Yummy Mummy! xx
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Well as the title says I ve had a hurrendous week SW wise!

Work and Life have just got in the way this week which has led to 2 takeaways and a 3 course meal out last nite! Its my weigh in tonite so Im gonna face the music, draw a line and put the week behind me!

Realisically, looking back I could have made healthier choices when eating out but as usual my mind said 'well youre not gonna lose, might as well go all out and enjoy lol!!!!!'. I need to get this out of my head and realise that one bad day doesnt equal a bad week!

Never mind, onwards and upwards for the next week! Ive got my target in mind and Im gonna do it come hell or high water!!!!!!
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I do that too with the bad day = bad week:(
There's the line, goodluck and I hope your weigh in goes well.
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aw, bless ya. dont worry yourself too much, we all have a week like this now and again and as long as you enjoyed what you were eating then it sort of makes it a bit better if you know what i mean? you've got the right idea as you know getting weighed and starting a fresh week is the best way forward. i've tried slimming world a few times and if i had a bad week, i'd give in and not go again. rejoined when i was pregnant, watching the scales go up every week was actually good therapy for me and not so scared of having a gain anymore. baby's now 8 weeks and i'm nearly a stone lighter than before i fell pregnant. good luck with weigh-in x


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I've been on a bit of a junk food bender this weekend. Not sure why, something just possessed me and I went mad. I'm hoping its out of my system now and I'm back on plan today. Normally I'd just think 'that's it, diet ruined' and completely give up, but not this time!


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That's the spirit! Just climb back on the plan and it won't be much damage done. You never know, you might even have lost, stranger things have happened!

Mrs V

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The best thing is to follow your own advice Hun. Face the scales and then move forward. These things happen sometimes and you havent failed, its called living!

Take care and good luck for this evening.



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well done for not giving up :).. i have been completely off any type of plan known to man!! but have drawn a big thick line under it all and started again today...good luck for this week. katey x


loves to eat
I'm with you on the bad week & it only my second week as well :mad: I've eating everything so much so I have given myself heartburn. I could make loads of excuses of PMT, hubby's birthday & a eurovision party but I know in my heart of hearts I could have stuck to the plan but I didn't & for that I am mad at myself. Am going to get weighed tonight so will find out tonight :eek:
BTW thanks for posting this as I may have not gone to class otherwise!


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Talking of bad weeks just take a look at my diary- its laughable! But i shall be hanging my head in shame on those scales come wednesday and will leave feeling more motivated than ever!!

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