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There's cake in the kitchen again

captain nemo

Chunky Munkey
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I wrote a little poem about a chocolate cake the other day, maybe it will help you not eat the nice cake- it did me!!

Look in the cupboard and what can I see?
A chocolate cake staring back at me!
Velvety brown sponge and liquid silk fudge
Eating this is not going to help my pudge!
Calling my name, I can hear its song
Claire come and eat me, your tummies where I belong!
Promises of happiness through each tasty bite
Try to resist it with all of my might!

Guilty pleasures – no-one would know
Only me as I see my waist line grow!
A moment of indulgence, followed by sorrow
Was it all worth it, will it still be there for me tomorrow?
Instance fix through its chocolatey kiss
But long term an enemy- one I won’t miss!
I don’t need you chocolate- to make me feel whole
Instead I am going to focus on achieving my goal!

My goal of a lifetime- to love myself,
to feel worthwhile, and improve my health.
To wake up, breathe deeply and enjoy being me,
To look in the mirror and love who I see.
Not the girl of the past that wished away each week,
A worthwhile sexy women who found the life that she seeked.


Full Member
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Wow that poem is fab!!! well done you!!!

Ahhh captain nemo, dont cry hun. Just think how well youve done so far, you could have a piece if you want....your just choosing not to. so well done on the fab decision xx
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I caved in and had a doughnut that had been generously brought in for someone's birthday. It wasn't that big, certainly wasn't that tasty and when I got home I looked up that it was 12 syns!! *ucksake, certainly was NOT worth that.
Once bitten twice shy and it's easier to resist now, but I also have been put off all baked goods by someone on here who said that there's a big ball of human hair in the cake somewhere - you might be lucky and find it in your slice....or your mouth as you take a big bite......
it almost makes me gip the very thought ;)


Will be slinky!
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you made me gip at the thought instead prawn :9529::sign0137::sign0168:
G: 10st7lb
Two birthdays in here today and so far I have avoided the cake :D

Just had an Eclair wafted in front of me and I smiled sweetly and said, no thanks.... Inside the fat bird was wailing like a banshee and scratching like a cat to get at the cake...


Silver Member
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Why do people always bring in cakes for birthdays????... how about bringing in some fruit for us non-synners!!!!! :p

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