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Theres so much i want to do!


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I have a long list of thing I really want to do! Lol I'm a 20 yr old girl, I should of been doing this years ago but iv always been wayyyyy to big :(

Go karting
Ice skating
Snow boarding
Go to Alton towers

What sort of things do you want to do that you couldn't do before? Let's make a long list! X
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i have been big since i was a little girl (6 years old and am now 38 ) so there are many many things i have missed out on that i would still love to do.
these include :

go into ANY clothes shop and grab something off the rail , knowing it will fit instead of shopping in evans and looking for anything that will fit :sigh:
go on a plane ( i have always been far too afraid because i know i would need an extention for the belt and also have the risk of the embarrassment of having to buy an extra seat due to my size.
go to alton towers, blackpool etc and not stand there looking at the seats and wondering if i could fit in them.... then watching the kids go on instead of me.
be wolf whistled at and not think they r taking the p*** because im so unattractive.
walk into a room with my head held high, knowing people are no longer whispering about my weight.


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Also been big since 4!

I want to go horse ridding! Used to at age 7 but got to fat! Used to have to ride huge horses :(


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I want to, no, I'm going to in September

Sky dive
Sky Jump off the stratosphere building in Las vegas
Bungee jump off marble canyon
Zipwire down Fremont street

All of these things have weight limits, which thankfully I'm now under, but I'd never have the confidence to do it without losing weight. Have them find the large harnesses, weigh me for the sky dive... these things scare me much more than doing the activities and hopefully in September I'll be at goal for my wedding and all these amazing things!
great post :)

I too love alton towers but have always worried about fitting on .. i always have ..JUST , but I never went at my biggest and know I wouldnt have fit on a lot of things then

Like Cheryl .. to go into any shop , and cheapy ones like primark , and grab anything off the rail and know it will fit

One of my biggest is .. i have always bougth clothes that will cover the bad bits ( ermmm a sack is all that would cover it ALL) and not clothes I actually like .. now I am loving finding my own style ..... Its difficult at first knowing what to wear as i have never been able to wear clothes i actually liked before .. but I have found Apricot clothes shop and am in love :)

To go out for a meal and not feel guilty for eating .. people seem to think fat people shouldnt eat in public !

To go on the kids rides and park rides with the kids ( my arse no longer gets stuck on the swings !!)

To go swimming without feeling ashamed

To hold hands with my hubby and know he feels proud to have me on his arm

To get chatted up in tesco ( 3 times the other evening :) )

To feel great :)

I could go on and on and on and on ......................


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Similar to you two but I'd love to go on a night out and not have to drink loads just to feel confident and not anxious that people are looking at me.

I also want to enjoy my holidays more. I normally feel ssoooo self conscious and hide under baggy clothes which is not good in the heat. I'd also love to go to a water park, wear a bikini and wear dresses. Currently I never get my legs out coz they're like tree trunks :cry:


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i want to be able to buy knee high boots without worrying if they are going to zip up instead of having to go for the 'wider fit' range all the time. :sigh::sigh::sigh:
oh yeah skydiving , i wil never forget all my friends doing a sponsors sky dive for anthony nolan and I signed up but was too heavy ....

and horse riding , I used to ride 4-5 times a week , even worked on a showjumping yard ( even though I was overweight I was about 13 -14 stone so could ride the bigger horses .. ) but now I am going to take my one big love up again :)