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'THEY' are at it again!


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Yes, the divils are cooking curry- right now. And in the aromatic equivalent of very loudly!
My stomah is chUrning and I feel quite weak!
Well- if you can't beat 'em join 'em eh?
I'll have a curry too! I'm off to make potato and leek curry crisps with a side dish of pepperred bouillion.
What have 'They' had for tea in your house tongiht and how have you coped??
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my H is cooking the most delicious smelling lasagne in the world (well thats how it seems to me anyway) and then he is going to make home made chips to go with it. oh noes!


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Snap Mrs B , i made them all bacon Rolls too , Really was ok with that but it was the shopping around Tesco that got to me as seeing all the foods and feeling hungry , i just got some water down me and was ok . not the same effect but did the job lol


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THEY are having chinese! with prawn crackers! (i just nicked a bit!!oops only tiny!) have come out of the room and got on here, so as to avoid temptation!
If only THEY knew what they put us through.
Oh- by all the giggling, smacking of lips and saying 'bloody lush' it appears they don't care what they put me through!
Crisps are cooling....


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My OH has had a manky cheese and tomato sandwich that made him throw up and half a yoghurt!! I have had a Chocolate CD Bar and will have my AAM chicken and veg later when its cooked!!!

Trouble is, he is in hospital with a nasty ulcerated foot - so I am up at the caravan on my own, enjoying the peace and quiet with only my computer and crochet for company!! I don't even have a TV!!

Been to visit this afternoon. I think he is in for a long stay judging by the way things are going - possibly 2 or 3 weeks I reckon. He thinks he will be out in 2 days - some hopes!! The antibiotics haven't even started to kick in yet!!

I do miss him - but I love the solitude and the quiet!!!


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Grandma , ho no Tv and no food , that really is not good , yes i know what you mean about missing him and also having your time , you will have company here ! see with us lot you can switch us off and on when you like , hey wouldn't that be good if you could do that with hubby lol
Aww speedy recovery for him !
hubby had chips, eggs and beans with loads if white bread god it looked so nice i had to go to bed for other wise i think i would have had some mmmmm

ashley xx


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Hey thats the answer , Beans with every dinner , cos they are banned from my house as I can't even look at them without feeling SICK EWWW


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Mine all had curry and rice. I'm up to 100 cals so I could have eaten some. Only I didn't cos I was full and couldn't! Actually I managed to jam in a stolen poppadom.......
Hpe you feel better soon Becky! Sending hugs!
Well resisted Team Cambridge- see we are undefeatable!
By the way- my crisps weren't- they were Soggies!!!:tear_drop::tear_drop::tear_drop::eek:
My kids had their Saturday post dancing Mcdonalds and I didn't even nick a chip :innocent0002: Then, just to add salt to the wound, hubby opened a bottle of wine :jelous:. Oh well just focusing on the weight loss and pretending "sunshine orange" is really bacardi & coke !!:sigh:

Hope hubby is feeling better soon Grandma

aly x
I cooked fish, chips & mushy peas for my little lot. I was fine .. didn't want any at all until DD said she couldn't manage all of her fish ... quickly made hubby give it to the dog!