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Thing have just got worse

I really have to let off some steam:mad: :mad: :mad:
Those who have read my previous thread on 'Have I done the right thing' will know I am having probs with my LLC.Last night all she had left in class was 21 packs and 7 bars .I had to take what she had left as I cant really travel another 80 mile round trip to collect mid week through.I have now realised that the bars arent LL bars!!

They are ATKINS advantage bars
I have been given 7 of these bars ranging in flavours from chocolate decadence bar, fruits of the forest bar and chocolate orange sensation.The bars are 60g bars but they are a shocking 255 kcal a bar.

I immediatly reported this to HO and they couldnt believe it that she has done this.They have now asked that I send all bars to them and are investigating her.I am sooo mad that she has not only given me these bars but they are so high in calories.
How can she do this :cry: :cry:
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Awww I hope that HO will get it sorted. Make sure you get a refund or new packs to make up for it. Have you looked for a new LLC, if not a cdc may be your next best choice.

Really hope you get it sorted soon......xxxxxxx


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Bumpy that's awful, I'm glad you got straight onto HO - I'd phone them again and request that they send you some bars to get you through the week as you're going to need them.

Hope you get sorted really quickly.


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OMG I'm shocked that she has been allowed to get away with this sort of behaviour.
My LLC is brilliant and I would say she is proud of being an LLC.
It sounds like your LLC has given up & doesn't care any more.
I hope HO sack her & fine her for her bad management & never let her be an LLC again.

Good luck with your pursuit to find another LLC Or CD, just don't give up.



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Oh Bumpy,

My heart literally goes out to you. This is so very wrong of the llc, and I am so glad that you reported her. I would not be at all surprised if she was suspended or even struck off.

I am staggered that this woman has had the audacity to do this to you, and prob other clients too.

Did HO suggest any alternative LLC for you? I really hope they offered to refund the £66 you have paid, if not just for this week but for the weeks when you received such shoddy counselling too. (I hope you told them the full story.)

We on this forum, will offer all the support we can to each other, but when it comes down to it, you are paying for a service that you just are not getting. Dont let it stop you with your plan to lose weight, because THAT is for you, and your health, I guess.

I sincerely hope you reach a happy ending , but do keep us posted.

Chin up.
OMG Bumpy- how could she do that to you!

I agree with Cath- under the circumstamces HO should send you out bars immediately, and I would insist that they do that.

I have a couple of spare packs that I could send in the post tommorrow if it would help?
I have got a appointment with a CDC on Monday,I am sad though as I have just got myself settled and into a routine with LL.I understand the the CD is pretty much the same, just a shame no other LLC in my area.


has started again!!
All I can do is wish you the very best of luck with CD. I hope your new CDC will be everything your LLC was def not!

Let us know how you go, wont you?
First of all i'm sorry to hear you are having such a horrible time with LL. :hug99:

Having read your posts I think HO are just as much to blame here. You have complained numerous times and you said they were already investigating her and so far nothing has changed at your meetings. She should not be allowed to be an LLC and HO should stop her as she is not providing the service she is supposed to. I would request a refund as you have been paying for something you are not gettting! It irritates me that people get away with this sort of thing. (Sorry for the rant but had a run in with a company today charging us for a service we never asked for in the first place and now saying we owe them money!!! grrrrr still mad:mad:)
Thanks so much K x
I have got enough packs to keep me going for now its the bars I reply on mainly at breakfast time, as I will be seeing the CDC on Monday and I can arrange with her to get some and get the packs I need to carry on.
I shall keep you all posted, its times like this I am so greatful to everyone
You are all so understanding
I just wanted to add I can't believe this has happened to you! :mad:

Prior to starting LL and looking on this forum I thought LL was a really reputable organisation. To be honest I have heard some real negatives, usually the LLC giving up mid way through and letting people down, I feel really dissapointed for you and with LL.

I agree with others that HO should send you the 7 bars plus any packs you were short with this week at their expense. I also hope as a good will gesture they refund you some if not all your weeks money as you have not had the service they advertised. I would suggest you write, as it's easy to get fobbed off on the phone.

I hope you get sorted soon and continue to get to your goal

Take Care :patback:


ps. I know there are some very good LLC out there, including my new one but it still seems a bit hit or miss who you get and whether they decide to throw in the towl midway through this emotional journey. Surely they should be made accountable to at least finish a group?


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I have got a appointment with a CDC on Monday,I am sad though as I have just got myself settled and into a routine with LL.I understand the the CD is pretty much the same, just a shame no other LLC in my area.

I am sure you will be fine once you get to know your cdc. It is hard to change from one programme to another but im sure you will do brilliantly.

Good luck hun.


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Oh Bumpy, you have been treated pretty shoddily by both your LLC and HO. I have read many complaints (not on this forum) about LLC's in various areas and also about complaints to HO about various things that have been dismissed. The LL course is not cheap, and with the amount that you invest in it weekly, you expect nothing but the best back.

I happen to like my LLC, I find her extremely approachable, but what I can't understand with yours is why on earth did she have Atkins bars to dish out to begin with???????

Surely this would be against all the principals that she should be working towards, and I would assume that her LLC contract would specify that she only buys LL items.

Good luck on your change to CDC, I really hope that your new counsellor will be more than you hope for, but no-one will blame you for being aprehensive
Thanks so much K x
I have got enough packs to keep me going for now its the bars I reply on mainly at breakfast time, as I will be seeing the CDC on Monday and I can arrange with her to get some and get the packs I need to carry on.
No problem Bumpy- I just feel so bad for you having made all the effort to do this mad wonderful diet and being let down by the very person who is supposed to be there for you. At least we can all be here for you instead. Best of luck with CDC- let us know how it goes, I really hope you can continue on the SS path.

Oh bumpy how shocking that she could even think that she could get away with this behaviour which is totally unacceptable. I'm so glad this experience hasn' totally put you off the diet and that you are willing to give the cd diet a go. Good luck to you and keep us posted.
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Good luck Bumpy I,m sure you will soon settle dwon Ok with cd , you just dont need this kind of hassle when you are starting a VLCD its enough of a strain as it is! I think LL need to get thier act together re rouge counsellors who are plain rude. I am happy with my counsellor , but I nearly didnt give Ll another chance after the first LLC I approached completely ignored my contact to enquire about joining for over two weeks then told me she was quiting!
I think something is sadly wrong at LL ho that they have councellors who are prepared to treat people so badly, and they should take responsibility.
Hope it works out Ok , please keep us posted with how you get on , we would love to know you are Ok on Cd and that it your bad experience dosent ruin your chances of success.
Flippin awful! Really hope that the CDC is good...guess my one is just too far for you to get to in Newport...huge hugs - this diet is excruciating as it is without this kind of additional stress. Sure that the LLC's must complete a contract on behaviour with HO but they do buy a franchise so have a degree of negtiating ability & if the post I read recently that it costs £24,000 to train and get the franchse they are going to be reluctant to sack people!! . Are they regulated at all I wonder..if so you could make a formal complaint to the regulatory body. I wonder if she is givng up & was using her stocks instead of buying new? Regardless its appalling.

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