Think I`m at the right weight


I never had a target weight, just wanted to be `ten something`. I am now, to my utter delight, ten stone exactly. (On 3rd week of Management). So I suppose you could say I am the weight I want to be. I am 5ft 2ins by the way.

I`ve lost 57lbs all told. Never thought I could do it. Was a size 20/22, am now mostly a 12 and love shopping for clothes. Been a failed dieter for 20 years or more. To anybody out there struggling I say, don`t give up, it`s worth it in the end.

Now all I have to is keep it off!
Thanks for all the support on the message boards, I intend to keep on reading them.:) :) :) :) :)
Well done Ann, Ive got there too, I wanted to be 11 stone and Im now 10st 10, so I guess Im there too, Im on week 3 too of managment and have lost 70lbs in total.

We will keep it off x
wake up slim

Hi my dream for years was to wake up slim. No more weight. just all gone.
I've now got about stone and half to go after losing over 6 stone already. My dream is happening and reading others have done it makes me think it will happen to me. It makes me feel so pleased for you all. I'm seeing it happen to you.
well done
57 lb loss is fantastic, well done. You must be very proud of your achievement. I am still on my weight loss journey but can't wait to go shopping for size 12's !
Well done to everybody. It seems that winners ARE dreamers who never give up! I think it would be great if we kept on encouraging each other, even when we are at the weight we want or wanted to be.
Hi everyone - seems to be a lot of us reaching target at the moment!
I've just reached target this week (10 and a half stone, have lost 6 stone 1!) and am on my second day of management - roll on tomorrow when I can have a cup of tea with milk! How sad is it to be craving a cup of proper tea?
Here's to all of us sticking with it and staying slim - I'll definitely still be checking in regularly to see how everyone's doing!

PS Any one else worried about Christmas? I'll be in week 3 of management by then, so I'll be able to have a reasonable "Christmas type" meal (ie Turkey and salad!) but am still terrified!
Well done to all of you,for reaching 'management'... one lil word of advice ' don't dissapear' thinking you know what you're doing now! The Management bit of lighterlife is sooo important - keep going regulary to your meeting's and to see your counsellor.... and listen to your cd's :D

well done again :p