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Think I may be Pregnant....

Just a little back ground on my ttc.

Me and my husband had been ttc for 1 year with no luck then I was diagnosed with the start of PCOS. So I went back on the pill lost 3 stone and now for 3 months we have been ttc again.

Since loosing the weight I have had regular periods but I'm now 5 days late?!?!

How harmful is CD if you are pregnant?:confused:
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My husband = My hero
Hi hunni

iv got a 6 month old and used the pregnancy section on the forum,

from what I read there you should find out asap if you are pregnant and come straight off the diet, the early days/weeks are the most important so get eating yummy veg fish etc!

Hope u are, how wonderful would that be!

Everything crossed and find out asap xxxx


My husband = My hero
Tonight chick better to find out and know for sure!

Everything crossed for u!
Let us know xxxx
CD messes with your cycle

I used to have no periods for 6 weeks...then be 4 weeks...then be 8 weeks at one point whilst SS'ing!!!

Mine have settled down now thank god as i am too ttc
I charted last time, but this time the drs said to be really relaxed about it but... Don't think I can relax about it.

I'm hoping the weight will help. x x
Doctor is right to a point......

Our brains give off the signals for a 'period' dont they ...so if we are stressed etc it can muck up the cycle :( however... it wont affect fertility..thats for sure.

Hard to not think about getting pregnant when all you want is a baby

Im certain it'll happen for you honey...i really am.

As part of my job i deal with hundreds of women throughout the year ....some of which had problems down below like yourself and did eventually fall pregnant..and twins often too (always find that strange!!)

Keep positive.. think pregnant ;)
hi lyndzi,

dont get too stressed about trying for a baby (easier said than done though), do you have any kids yet? i've been trying for well over a year to have another one (my little girls two) and i've recently bought a clearblue fertility monitor to make sure im defo ovulating every month. used it last month for the first time and it proved i was ovulating so we did the deed haahaa (tmi) and i was convinced i was pregnant, sadly no :( but you gotta keep trying dont give up. I tried for 7 months to have my daughter and fell pregnant when i stopped getting stressed about it all. i too am starting the CD on monday as i thought losing a bit of weight along the way will help. good luck with your weight loss :) xx

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