Think i want to start CD, can someone explain it to me please?


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i really dont know where to start, i am currently on slimfast but i think CD will be better for me.
I dont know anything about it or how it works or what you eat or if there are special CD stuff that you eat?
can someone explain the whole thing to me please?
also is it very expensive? and will i be on it for the rest of my life to keep the weight off.
if anyone can explain it all i would be very grateful.

thanks Sarah xxxx:)
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Hey Sarah

I've been on CD since October last year and have lost about 4 1/2 stone so far. Its tough going but the losses are fantastic if you follow it to the letter so its well worth the doing.

You have 3 servings a day (4 if you're a man or over 5'8) and an average weely cost is about £40. You need to use the cd products - soups, shakes, bars, water flavourings, etc and you buy them from a registered cd councellor only. You need to register with a cd councellor - have a look on the cd website to find your nearest and call her/him for a chat and to get all the official info. There's also plenty of cdc's on here who will be able to give you more detailed advice so hopefully one of them will come by soon.

You wont be on it for life and when you reach a healthy weight your cdc will help you to move into the maintenance phase and start introducing food back into your diet.

Good Luck chic if you decide to go for it - its realy worth it - honestly - you wont get a faster weight loss!!



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Hello, yes we can give you a lot of support here but there are several options to the diet so you will probably be best making a appointment to see a councellor and talk it through with her - you will not be charged to do this. Also the website has a lot of into cambridge diet programmes