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Thinking about maintenance... advice please!

Hey guys!

It's been a while since I posted on here! You may or may not remember that I did WW earlier this year but lost very little weight and decided to try other things to lose weight faster. Well I am now 12.9 (incidentally only about 5lbs less than I was when doing WW!) but I did spend much of summer putting on weight before returning to CD last week.

But anyway, so I am now only 1st 8lbs from my initial goal of BMI 25, the closest I have ever been, and as a result I am starting to think about what will happen when I get there. I don't think I want to continue with CD past BMI 25 as I don't really like it that much and I admit I do see it at the moment as only being an option due to the fact that I'll only be a short amount of time on the plan. So when I get to BMI 25 I think I will maybe spend a couple of days on 810, a couple on 1000 and then... I was thinking... maybe switch to WW.

I am considering this because once on BMI25 I would like to continue to lose weight and get down to where I feel happy, but at least around 10st (BMI 25 for me is 11.1) and then I want to be able to maintain my weight, not put it all back on again. I loved WW when I did it earlier this year but just found that I had too much to lose and was too impatient. But I think when I get to goal of BMI25 I won't mind slowing the losses down.

What I was wondering is, is it ok to use WW for maintenance. I am the sort of person who needs to have guidelines to eating otherwise I will gain weight, and I can truthfully say that of everything I have tried, I actually enjoy WW the most as I don't feel deprived. So for me the most sustainable plan is WW. Do you think that would be ok?

Sorry its so long, just wanted to explain where I'm at and my thoughts so that you can understand and give me appropriate advice (please?!)

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Thanks hun, so if i did normal WW til I wanted to maintain and then adjusted my points for maintenance that would be ok? How many points would I be allowed to maintain? xxx
Oooh yay that sounds easily do-able. At goal (11.1) I'd be on 20 points so that means that I could use that to lose a bit more, drop to 19 when I get in the 10s and then up to 25 to maintain. 25!!! dats a lorra lorra pointes!! :) right, that's my decision made. Will be joining you hopefully in the beginning of October then! :D

Hi all i too am on cd and also was thinking of doing ww when i get to 10st, i would like to go to about 9st losing with ww then obviously maintain with ww, do you all think this is a good idea??
WW is fab for maintenance I reckon (not that I've ever been close to maintenance but hopefully this time around!). Those of us who have a tendency to gain weight need to recognise that we will always have to watch what we eat if we don't want to regain or yo-yo. I can't imagine how I'd eat an extra six points a day - but I'd sure like to have them :D
Yayyyayyy I'm so excited about starting WW now. Just need to get this bit of weight off firstio. Happy days :) look forward to returning to this forum, have really missed everyone since I left earlier this year!

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