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thinking about starting again!


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Hi everyone,

Not been on for ages so hello to those of you who remember me! i really am so naff at sticking to things but I really need to do something now! I just can't get the motivation to do anything! I sit there and think I can't be botherd! my weight has gone up more now so now i need to lose about 2 stone, I have a double chin on pictures and my "bigger" clothes are stretching at the seams! So I am thinking about starting again!

If I am going to try again then I want something that I can stick to. none of this don't eat any carbs when you are eating protien cack!

I really am fed up and mad at myself for not doing anything about myself. Even when I am writing this I am sat here thinking , '....I know I'll not stick to it and have a blow out at the weekend!' so that makes me think WHATS THE BLOOMIN POINT!

Sorry all, I have it on me today! I am so slack when it comes to sticking to things but If I know this then why can I never stick to things???:cry:

I am well and truly fedded up!
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I hear alot of myself in you honey. I can go fine on a diet for a while and then crash and burn in true dramatic fashion so I can truly sympathise, however everyone has their point where they think, right, I am tired of being tired and fat and I need to do something.

SW is so easy to do, that's the beauty and nothing is illegal. So if you have problems at the weekend, why not do the flexi syns and save your syns for the times when you know you have real problems. If you plan in advance for these problems, then chances are you can still do sw and still have the treats as well.

Good luck honey, it isn't hard to do, but we do make it so difficult on ourselves don't we :)

Hey welcome back and good luck with your weight loss
This site is brilliant, if i hadnt been coming on here i would have given up weeks ago
Ruthy xxx
Hi Curlygirl

You sound just like me although I have double your weight to lose! I start all these fad diets cabbage soup, lipotrim etc and always cheat after 1st day because i'm soooooo hungry and bored. I am hoping SW is the diet for me because you can eat loads and also have a drink too. Give it a go and we can get in sexy summer dresses etc instead of lose flowing top lol
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Hi there,

Just go for it and if you feel a wobble, come here. Wobbles are easy contained on this eating plan (keep forgetting we're not supposed to call it a diet lol) and if you do stray its easy to get right back up on the wagon.

Good luck x
Thanks hun for the rep, listen you can do it just come on here everyday and if you feel like poo just tell us all about it
Chin up
Ruthy xxx

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