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Thinking caps on peeps X 2

G: 10st10lb
First thing I need help with is jacket spuds. I love them for lunch but I am getting really fed up with beans, chickpea dahl, home made coleslaw or tuna toppings, so can I have some suggestions please, I do like a bit of wet with them to make up for the lack of butter.

and secondly, I'm at it again, thinking...

Now, if you can save up syns and spread them out over a couple of days for a good weekend etc, can you do the same with HEB bread. For instance, if you were going on a picnic at the weekend and wanted to take sarnies, could you save up a couple of days bread to use, and if not, why not if you can do it with syns. I understand the fibre issue but if you have fruit and veg and wholmeal pasta/rice surely it would balance out? Confused as to why you can do it with syns but nothing else. mmmm
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How about Prawns?? this recpie (sorry cant spell this evening at all - bit tired!) in the SW mag last month

It serves four, and is 1 syn on extra easy (guess you could divide by 4)

4 Level tbsp of extra light mayo

1oz tomato puree

dash of tabasco

dash of worcestershire sauce

14oz/397g of prawns

You just pop all of the above in a bowl mix and pop on top

- Sainsburys sell TTD potatoes that are more tasty than normal and taste good even without butter

I not sure how much avacado is on syns but thats quite nice with jackets too, mixed up guccamole style


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Basically anything you would have with pasta or rice should do the trick. So chilli (meaty or beany), curries, ratatouille, carbonara, stew, sausage casserole, tomato/bacon, bacon and egg mayo, moroccan vegetables and so on.
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I love cottage cheese and pineapple with a jacket potato, it works a treat!

Also on the HEB thing im pretty sure you cant save them up like syns, you have to have the recommended daily intake of fibre.


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I sometimes put a pack of made up cheesy pasta n sauce on a spud.

Or make lid potatoes!

Bake your spud
chop off the top like a boiled egg and scoop out the middle
Squirt 'cup' with fry light and put back in oven
Take 1 hea of low fat cheese, grated, one tbspn Extra Light Hellmans, 1 chopped spring onion, salt and pepper to taste and mix all together.
mush potato innards with mixture
take 'cup' out of oven (after 10 mins)
fill with mixture and put the 'lid' on
put back in oven for another 15 mins.



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Oh gymclass hero your photo is a real inspiration from a very very jealous lady x

good luck for the 30th November - you will look sooo fab for christmas although you already do!
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:eat: Tomato based pasta n sauces are gorrrrrrrrrgeous with a jacket potato and as I like my food with a bit of a kick i always add dried chilli to the sauce as i am making it.

comfort food to the max!

x x x
how about a baked sweet potato for variety. Bake it in the oven, when it is almost cooked, take it out mash up the inside and make a hollow shape in it, crack into the hollow shape an egg, cover with a HEa portion of grated cheese and a little paprika and put back into the oven until cheese has melted.

you could also make some chilli or chicken curry as toppers for jacket potatoes.


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Or you could scoop it out and mix in a hexA of cheese and some bacon (if you're on EE) and pop it into the oven and crisp it up (yum)

Any extra bread would have to be used as syns I'm afraid.
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I love roasting some cherry tomatoes with lots of salt & black pepper - maybe a little balsamic. Then do the potato in the microwave for about 7-8 mins whilst having the oven preheated on high. Take the potato out of microwave and squirt all over with frylight and sprinkle liberally with salt. Bake in oven (directly on shelf) for 10 mins until skin is golden & crispy. Then mush it all up on a plate and top with a tub of low fat cottage cheese with chives, the roast tomatoes, spring onion and grated cheese and freshly ground black pepper.

It's yummy!!! Ooh...makes me wish I was having a green day today as I haven't had a jacket potato in ages! Might have to have one as a HEX B today!

Oh, and I also like baked beans & cottage cheese together on a spud. Heinz Mean Beanz smokey bbq beans are to die for! Sweet chilli beans are nice too.


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im having jacket today and im cooking it in the oven then scooping out the middle mixing it with cooked bacon mushrooms and onions then putting it back into the spud and back into the oven.

i asked my consultant about the healthy extra thingy but with the a's so i could have a real cheese roll and she said no. lol so i should imagine it would be the same with the b's
How about Coronation Chicken?

Chopped cooked chicken with spring onions, pepper, mango all mixed with FF Fromage frais, a couple of tbsp extra light mayo and a tbsp of mango chutney and a bit of curry powder? It's gorgeous and all for 2.5 syns!
G: 10st10lb
i asked my consultant about the healthy extra thingy but with the a's so i could have a real cheese roll and she said no. lol so i should imagine it would be the same with the b's
Thanks for asking your consultant about the HE, I thought it would be a no, but couldn't see the logic if you can save syns if you know what I mean. Rules is rules.
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I think it's to do with getting a daily healthy balanced diet. Syns, whilst needed to maintain a healthy diet, aren't necessarily needed on a day to day basis whereas fibre and calcium are.

That's my opinion, anyway! Don't know if it's right!


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I eat mine with creamy spicy mushrooms

put slice mushrooms in a pan with chopped onion, lighly fry in fry light then add a litle water, cumin, garlic, pepper, ginger, garam masala and cook until the liquid has reduced a little. just before eating add a dollop of fromage frais to make creamy.
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you might think this is weird but i scoop out the centre n mash the filling with a hard boiled egg ham n a little quark/fromage frais, fill into skins n back in oven for 5 mins i think its lush!!!!

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