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Thinking of crossing over


Size 14 here i come!
:newbie: To the CD forum. I am on LT at the min and have been for nearly 4 weeks. I did it over a yr ago and lost over 4st so i know i can do it BUT i am so fed up of it. I only have the choc milkshake and water as i don't like black tea/coffee. Before i go off the rails i want to have somewhere to go, i thought about atkins for a while but not sure the whole, full fat everything is ideal for me.

So here i am looking at possibly switching to the CD. Did anyone contact a CDC before deciding it was right for them to ask some questions? Is it ok to do that?
I was going to choose the ss plus option, going for 3 shakes and a meal, can anyone tell me what kind of things you can have to keep to 200kcals?

Thanks for reading!
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Hello! :welcome:

Don't even think about it, come on over! :D


I can't imagine that any Cambridge Counsellor would object to you asking questions, hun - and if they did, it might be a big hint not to buy your products from that particular person. Most are familiar with the different versions of VLCDs, largely cos so many people come over to Cambridge having done LighterLife and LT...

As for SS+ meals, to give you some idea you can have one of:

120g chicken or turkey
190g white fish
250g steamed tofu
200g quorn
180g tuna in water
225g reduced fat cottage cheese

with two tablespoons of (broadly speaking) green / white vegetables (e.g., broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, lettuce, cucumber etc.)

Sounding tempting yet? :)


Size 14 here i come!
Lily thankyou so much for reply!

Does it sound tempting.......hmm 4 weeks with no food.......a scabby donkey would sound tempting right now!! lol

It actually made my mouth water, how sad is that?
Again thankyou for reply i am now going to call my local cdc later tonight!!


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks tasha i think it is more than likely i will tbh but i just called cdc and she is busy till pm so i'll try again later. What are the soups and shakes like on CD and what flavours are best?

I love the choc shake on LT but the soups are vile and the so called flapjacks are what evil must taste like!


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks numnums i haven't been happy for last 2 weeks on LT which is a shame as i found the first 2 weeks a doddle. I can cope with the hunger but not with the feeling down and i just can't seem to shake it. Hoping having a bit more freedom will be the ticket.


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I moved over from LL after a month.

Called the CDC and spoke about all options and felt it was the right thing for me to do as i was constantly thinking about food and utterly miserable doing LL. If i didn't move over to CD i knew i was on the road to failure. at least this way i could actually eat some food.

I started on the 810 plan and have been happy with my losses so far.

I have lived with this weight for years so a slower pace suits me fine for losing it.


Size 14 here i come!
Numnums thanks for the advice i will do that.

Sunshine that's exactly how i feel now, i need to do something before i eat loads of rubbish. I will try the ss plus first and if i feel i need more cals to play with i can adjust it right?

I am already feeling happier and i haven't done anything yet, i think that tells me it's the right thing to do. I get weighed on tues so will stick to LT till then. Not sure wether to buy another weeks worth as i have no time this week to meet cdc to get products it will have to be week after. Then this week have 2/3 LT shakes and a meal like i would on cdc. Do you think that would be ok?


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I felt a great weight was lifted once i made that decision to move and i knew that i wasn't going to go off the rails and gorge myself.
Once i made my mind up i added a meal straight away. Used my LL shakes but kinda went on the CD plan.
Best move i have ever made.

I couldn't stomach the soups at all so only ever use the shakes and bars. Trial and error tbh.
Good luck with your decision, sure you will be so much happier.


Size 14 here i come!
YAY i just spoke to a lovely lady who is my local CDC, i have an appointment with her on the 1st feb to get started. So i just need to get through this week on a make shift LT/CD and then it's full steam ahead!

See you all in a week then! Thanks everyone.


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Good luck for the 1st Feb!

Ive not tried any of the other meal replacement diets only CD but must say its worked very well for me :)

Best wishes x


hoping for a good loss
Hope 1st Feb goes well for you. I personally like all the soups, some more than others and still haven't tried all the shakes yet.

Hope you are happier on CD, I love it


Back On Track!
Good Luck with CD; I am sure that the range of flavours and products will seem very enticing as LT is much more limited, all the best Stinkybreath (don't think my own breath is too pleasant either, lol!) x


Size 14 here i come!
Thanks for the warms welcomes everyone! Blingbabe i know it's the ketosis that is the main reason for bad breath but does eating not make it a little better? lol

Can i just ask a couple of questions t get me through the next week till i start properly?? When cooking can i use garlic, chilli flakes and/or frylight?