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Thinking of doing cambridge for a quick fix please talk me out of it!


Slimming for my children
I really dont want to but I get married in 8 months! I ideally want to be about 12 or 11 stone and i am 16 stone 8.
If i was to do cambridge I would be able to get there no problem as its a stone a month literally guaranteed but i missed my food.

I am working 7am till 7pm as of tomo for 6 days on the trot and dont know what to do for food.
I want to make up a lasagne but not sure if i have the stuff in.
Also we only get half hour breaks at the most split up over the day.

Please help me and assure me i can do this on SW. I would love to have lost 3 stone by May for my mates birthday but i just cant see it happening!!!

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For me the reason not to do any of the liquid diets is because (and its only my opinion) they don't re-educate your eating habits and are just a quick fix. I know they work for lots of people but at some point you have to go back to food and I would worry I would make up for the lost months of not eating and just put the weight back on. SW is proven to work and I think with a bit of planning you can easily get through this bad patch and can easily lose 3stone by may as thats ages away.
Good luck with whatever you decide


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maybe CD maynot be such a bad idea, you will lose it quickly and the momentum will remain because of that! Guess it depends HOW you want to lose weight...hope you come to a decision and you;re happy with it. Good luck with everything.....! x:eek:


Slimming for my children
Thats what i want to do i want to do it but i feel like i cant do it alone but i cant go to groups as i work too much!
Online is crap too!
I just need a bit of help if that makes sense and some new ideas on how to do food to be abl to reheat which is never nice but hey!


Slimming for my children
maybe CD maynot be such a bad idea, you will lose it quickly and the momentum will remain because of that! Guess it depends HOW you want to lose weight...hope you come to a decision and you;re happy with it. Good luck with everything.....! x:eek:
I dunno what i want i just know i cant loose weight no matter what i do i have no willpower!

Principessa N

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I did it for 3 days, it was disgusting, expensive and i passed out a few times on the 3rd day which is why i stopped. My friend did it and lost 2 stone on it in about a month and a half, but when she started eating again, she put it all back on and a stone extra!!!
You can deff do slimming world, maybe get some mug shots which are free and you just need hot water, some quiche, veg sticks.
You can so do this,

victoria sponge

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you can do it hun!!!ive never down any other diets but to be honest i wouldnt want to have shakes and crap like that,at least with sw you are actually eating food and v good food at that..xx


Slimming for my children
quiche is a good idea but i have no idea how to make it
its time for me to go to bed now so i will have to start again properly on monday as I will be up at 5am and home at 7.30, bed at 9 and up again at 5am.
thanks guys just feeling low!


I've not long come off CD and although I know it's worked really well for some people, I am scared by it really - there's been some articles recently that was so bad, I stopped CD immediately and I have to say that I loved my first week on SW. It's harder for me as the thing I liked about CD was not thinking about food, but then again, if I am gonna stay slim, I have to learn to eat well!

You can certainly lose a lot of weight by August, I think if you sticked to it religiously you could lose at least 6 stone, maybe more.

You can do it x


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I did W8 matters (similar to cambridge) this year and lost over 2 stone...its all back on again now and I wish I hadn't put myself through that- I know it works for some people but I personally would never do it again....its sooooo nice to eat on slimming world....

victoria sponge

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see i dont this get why put yourself through all that hassle,at least with sw you can eat, ok so the weight lost may be slow but least its guaranteed and the slower the weight lost the more likely it is to stay off..this is not a quick fix diet(i hate that word)this is a eating plan for life...


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I am just about to start refeeding from a VLCD and have found it really good for me. However I don't think it is what you want to do, and for them to be successful and not just encourage yoyo dieting which is the pits, then you have to be totally up for it, and in the right frame of mind.

Hope you don't mind me saying but I think you would be better trying to use your SW to maintain over the holiday period and use some free time to have a think about what you want to do and perhaps do some meal planning ready for Jan.

VLCD's do work fast and may be an option for you some time next year if you haven't made the progress you want and are in the right frame of mind. For now I would stick with SW and your buds on here, they will give you great tips and support, and see you through your panic x


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I did lipotrim (TFR like CD) my experiences were -
- expensive
- upset tummy
- fainting
- all weight loss back as soon as look at food
- grumpy grumpy seriously grumpy
- hungry
- seriously struggled without proper food

It's not good for you. We are not meant to live on liquid diets. Media hype about it beingbad for your kidneys?

All diets are hard - do one which you can at least eat. It's hard and miserable but you can do it. Get xmas out the way and then your weding will be in sight and it might focus you.

It's hard but keep with it.


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I'm another in the don't do it camp. I've tried every diet going and SW seems to be the best for me.

As for the quiche....

Red day

1 large tub VLF cottage cheese (cheese and chive is nice too)
4 rashers of bacon (more if you want) chopped up, dry fried
3 eggs beaten

Mix egg and cottage cheese. It looks disgusting like this, but ignore that bit. Mix in your bacon and pop it all in an oven proof dish. Bake in the oven for 40 minutes or until golden on the top at 200 degrees.

Eat hot or cold with loads of salad.

A friend of mine does a lentil quiche for a green day. I'll have to grab the recipe for you.

Big an Bouncy

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Hey Fats dont do it!

Read what others have said.If you break 8 months down to 1/2 stone lose per month thats 4st off your 16st 7lbs.you weigh exactly the same as me,Im a lot older than you but I am hoping to loose just that...7-8lbs a month.That is so do able!!Dont forget the new plan is out in a week or so too.You have too plan for work,I would take a meat/tuna/salmon/cottage cheese and salad sandwich.Fruit/yoghurt,2 Alpen lights or Ryvita Goodness bars and mugshots .God you would be stuffed!:8855: