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Thinking of doing Lighterlife...advice please!


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Hi all

I was wondering if some of you could give me some advice/information. I have done Cambridge diet before so understand how/why Lighterlife would work but I was wondering what the main differences were? What are the shakes like on LL? can you have all bars or do they do ready mixed stuff like Cambridge tetras? Whats the counselling side of it like and how long do the classes run for? Also how much does it cost these days to do (think it was about £60 last time I checked?)

I'm thinking of starting around 1 August and have about 4 stone to lose by 17 October for my cousins wedding!

Any advice would be really appreciated so I can decide what to do, thanks!!
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Hi Claire

I'm only on day 10, so I'm by no means an expert and I don't know about the CD so can't comment.

On week 1 you can't have bars at all, from week 2 you can have one a day as part of the 4 meal replacements.

The shakes and soups are all pleasent enough, but I'd be lying if I said they'll be the most interesting of meals you'll ever have! By the time you get the bars, they'll taste like heaven!

The sessions are 2 hours per week, so far I don't feel like there's been any "counselling" but it is really nice to talk to people in the same situation as me, facing the same issues and difficulties with the diet and with their weight.

If you're wanting to start early Aug, I'd get it all arranged now. Groups are only open for 3 weeks so that people aren't joining all the way through and your group will all be roughly at the same point in their weight loss. It does mean you might have to wait for a group in your area to open.

You also need to get your doctor to sign your forms so it all takes time. If you're mentally prepared there's nothing worse than being held up by the paperwork.

It's £66 per week, which originally horrified me but I'm definately saving money with not picking up take aways, going drinking at weekends, snacks from the garage all on top of groceries.

Although early days, I can't rate it enough. I lost 9lbs in week one, haven't really had any of the side effects I've been warned about and I've got no ironing to do & my house is spotless as I'm finding myself with lots of free time when I would have been stuffing my face!

Hope it all works out, do let me know.


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Yes. You can.
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Excellant description Munch. :) Not bad for 10 days in - nto bad at all!

The counseling is very good, if you have a good counselor. And I think most feel they do. Munch - you will start getting in to more stuff as your group settles in. The first 2 or 3 weeks is just getting around the diet, getting to know each other, etc. It then gets more involved.\

The counseling is excellant, and the only reason I do LL. Otherwise, would do Cambridge. If you have any issues with food, or issues that led you to use food as your drug/comfot/security - whatever you want to call it, then its worth the excess costs.

If you feel you simply let a few pounds get away from you, till there were more then a few pounds, and don't have any of these issues, then Cambridge is maybe a better way to go as far as costs.

Personally, I like all the soup, all the shakes, but only 2 of the 5 or 6 bars. Its all quite palatable. And even more palatable if you don;t allow yourself to compare it to real food. There are no tetra packs - all require blending, and a hand blender works best.

Have you had a look at their site? www.lighterlife.com (or co.uk)

It has some great info, good testimonials, etc.

For me - I can say, hand on heart, it has changed my life. Honestly. I was a breath away from giving up EVER getting out of my fat hell, and was so depressed - for years, expecting to live the rest of my life on the sidelines, watching with envy as everyone else lived, making excuses for why I could not do anything, etc.

I now feel the best I have felt in nearly 30 years. The VERY best thing I have ever done for myself. It has given me my life back.

Good luck!
Hiya, can't comment on CD either as I haven't done it since the 80s, but some other benefits of LL include the group support which is a massive part of it as you retain the same group throughout, the discipline of having to demonstrate every week to your counsellor that you're in ketosis by taking a ketones test, and the resources that you take home with you - exercise aids, videos etc.
I honestly like all the flavours of everything, but just have my favourites now - 7 Cranberry & Raspberry bars & 21 Vanilla shakes a week! There are also water flavourings, not cheap at £9 per tub but last for ages, and savoury drinks at £6 per box of 14. You can have two savoury drinks per day if you like and I find they really help. A bit like a veg stock cube in hot water.
It took me 12 weeks to lose the first 4 stone. After the initial 14-week foundation period, my meetings went from 2 hours down to 1.5, but then the group was smaller by then anyway.
Can't recommend it enough for rapid, highly motivating weight loss, particularly if you've got a set date goal in mind, as you have. There ARE side effects, which seem to differ a lot for everyone depending on their circumstances, but they are temporary, and I'd put up with most things to get to that thin place!
TC x


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I joined LL four weeks ago, so again am no expert. Personally i haven't taken to the soups, but the shakes are ok. My fave flavour bars are the peanut and the cranberry & rasberry. Such a treat after your first week. The main thing I have found so different about this diet is that I haven't felt hungry at all! Fantastic. Even during the first few days, alkthough some of my group found the first couple of days a bit more challenging.
LL is brilliant. It has definately given me back the control over my life. Sounds silly that food can have such a hold of you but giving it up all together is very empowering!
The weekly councelling sessions are good. The DVDs are so bad they are funny, but are only 10 mins long each week. Just the coming togtether of the group and all comparing what you've lost and how your week has been, things you've struggled with, things that help. Its really nice to have the same connection with a group of people!

I go to the chorley LL, Carol Gamble is a brill councellor.

After 3 weeks i'd lost 18lb, defo keeps you going.

I would most certainly recommend LL - good luck whichever route you chose!

Jen X
Sorry for tagging on to your thread Claire but it seemed sensible to put the "thinking about starting LL" questions in the same place!

I've never done a VLCD (have been on/off WW, scottish slimmers and SW for the last 12 years though!) and have been feeling like there's no way out... I've read many of the posts on here and the info on the LL/CD sites with interest and it seems like there may be some hope after all!

I'm attracted to LL because of the additional support but am a bit worried about the costs (I'm on a budget as my partner is currently out of work following an accident). Do you pay the £66 weekly or is it due at the end of the month? And can you pay via credit card?

I also wondered about the side effects... I work full time and care for my partner so I need to be able to function. I wondered whether people tend to feel lethargic, etc in the beginning and if so, would I better taking a week of leave from work to get started? Do people find that they can do a days work and things at home on LL?

Thanks in advance for any info folks - you are all an inspiration!

Pinkster (with 7+ stones to lose) xxx


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Lighter Life Fees, etc.

Hey Pinkster,

My LL group pays weekly. We show up, get weighed/our weight recorded, wee on a stick to verify ketosis and check water (not too dark -- are you drinking enough?), fill out your food order and pay and then attend our meeting (a dvd, activities and group discussion). When we leave our meeting -- our bags are filled with our week's worth of packets and bars and we're out the door until another week or a pop-in. I know some of your group pays by credit card. It may depend on the counselor -- not sure. Hope this is helpful.


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Hiya pinkster.

I know all the women in my group either pay cash or cheque, so not sure about the credit card.

Ref the side effects, a lot of the ladies in my group felt quite hungry for the first 3/4 days but then felt great. Its amazin how LL seems to give you more energy. The first couple of days i struggled in the gym but after the first week had past i was exercising more than ever and feeling great. Don't worry about your energy because after Ketosis kicks in you'll prob only notice positive changes in your energy levels.

Good luck with whatever you decide!

Jen X
Hi Pinkster, I'd definitely say my energy levels increased quite considerably after the first couple of days - I'm at home with 3 under-fives and I find I cope a lot better and do more housework! Don't think you'd need time off work, in fact being at work would be better for the first few days to keep you occupied.
Some counsellors take debit & credit cards, some don't, so you'll need to check with your nearest counsellors before you begin, as they are all franchise businesses. My current counsellor charges a £1.50 fee for using a card, but my previous one didn't. You pay weekly, but some counsellors take an additional deposit of a week's fees at the start - again, best to check.
I had around the same amount of weight as you to lose. I joined on 18th Feb, and have lost 6st 3lbs to date. It IS a lot of money, but nothing else is likely to get you there as fast. Cambridge might be better for you though if you're really strapped for cash at the moment. Getting into debt isn't a good idea, and Lighterlife will still be around in a few months time.
TC x


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Hi I've done both and the only real difference in terms of the diets are the ranges of flavours and the counselling on LL. As someone already said, counselling is variable but the group support is really good. Although I changed to CD after week 11 because my group all kept talking about cheating and I wasn't and it got me down! Whichever you do they are both great. I was full of energy when I did it, I think carbs make you sleepy!
Hi Pinkster I did lighter life last year and agree that the 'counselling' was variable to say the least. The group support is good but not worth the double cost of cambridge diet. Depends on your personal needs really.

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