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Thinking of joining.... Advice please!

G: 10st0lb
Hi all.

I've been contemplating joining WW.

I had good success on slimfast, unfortunately it's not a long term sustainable diet. I've tried calorie counting to no success (think I need something with a little more structure)

I'd be doing WW all online an not going to meetings unfortunately due to crazy shift patterns.

I dont know a huge amount about WW or how it works so before i pay out for something my main questions are:

1) Is it worth it? If I'm paying for this I really need to know whether its worth the money?

2) I'm aware it's some form of points system??? Are these calorie based?? Eg a banana is apporox 100kcals = 1 point???

3) I'm quite set in my ways with food, I tend to eat the same things day in day out, week in week out. It makes cooking/making food for just myself easier. Once or twice a week I may eat with the other half. (although I am up for trying new recipes as long as there not to posh and expensive)

4) I believe there is an iPhone app? I this any good? Can I look up point from foods I have when I'm out and about???

5) is there a way to calculate points of something if you can't find it on their lists???

Sorry I'm a bit new to this. I'm just trying to see if it's something I don't mind paying out for??? (I'm nor hugely rich!!)
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Hi WW is now based on propoints system all your fruit and veg is free you get a daily allowance of points according to your weight and you get a weekly points allowance of 49 to use as and when for treats.You can buy a ww calculator which points everything for you i do not have an iphone but i know you can download the ww app.It is a very good plan and i never feel hungry i save my 49 for going out at the weekend so i can have a drink i would def recommend it if you decide to go to class do monthly pass as this is a lot cheaper lol x


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1) yes, you can get money back on quidco if you join online (usually £15)
2) points are based on protein,carbs,fat and fibre.
3) you can eat whatever the hell you want on ww, as long as you weigh it and its under your points quota - makes it ideal for everyone
4) yep its VERY handy :)
5) you use the nutritional info in most cases, or if its generic food itll be on the database :) or you can ask here and lots of people can help



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Hiya Lotty! I'm in my fourth week and I'm loving it. I'll answer your questions as you asked them, these are only my opinions tho so maybe wait till you get a few to make up your mind.

1. I dont go to meetings (various reasons, cash being one) and because I'm in ireland we dont get access to ww online. Every one here is great at answering queries or there's a lot of old threads with pp for a lot of food. Also there are ways to calculate it on the internet just google.

2. The points system is not based on calories, its based on protein, carbs, fibre and fat content in everything you eat. Fruit and most veg (except starchy stuff like potatoes, or tinned veg) are 0pp.

3. There doesnt seem to be a question in there but I I'll give a go of answering what I think you're asking lol. There are lots of recipes on here and online for ww. Also if you want to stick to what you're eating now what I would say is get a scales out and weigh everything. PP are measured per weighted portion so it might take an extra few seconds to weigh out something but its worth it to stay in your points.

4. Yes there is, apparently its very good. dont have it myself and yes you can check what points are in something if you're out (i do it without the app, once again google is your friend)

5 Yes, if on the package it has the fat, protein, carb and fibre content you can put it into esource (if you chose to do online) or (i've said it before and I'll say it again) google is your friend.

If you have any other q's just ask. I find it great. Let us know what you decide. :)
G: 10st0lb
Fruit is free?????

I can really have as much as I like????

Wow! I love fruit, fruit smoothy and fruit salads! That world be brilliant!!

Does propoints not care about the sugar content in fruit then?


I can haz cake?
S: 280lb C: 249.0lb G: 208.5lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 31lb(11.07%)
its free but a lot of leaders advise limiting yourself... some say don't eat it for the sake of eating, some say no more than 5 a day, but its common sense really. If you're eating so much fruit you've got no room for your pointed food, you're doing it wrong :p
G: 10st0lb
well i joined on monday, so im now on my third day of weight watchers and so far so good :)

I love the fact that i dont have to weigh up or measure the amout of fruit and veggies im having!!!!

I think the idea of weeky points are fab!! it tends to be at the weekend i let myself go.... (im good all week and then ruin things at the weekend)... this way i can have a drink and a treat (within reason) at the weekend without feeling too guilty!!!

This week im saving my weeklies for a bbq party on saturday :)

Im very consious of not letting this "saving weeklies" idea be an excuse to binge though!

I have a further question....

ive looked up rose wine on the tracker and its comming up as 1 large glass = 4 points. So on the principle that you get about 4 large glasses from a bottle.... i can have a bottle of rose for 18pp????? Is this right???

BBQ wise im going to try to stick with chicken (if there is any) and try and limit the bread rolls...... easier said than done!!!

Any one got any other bbq management tips???

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