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Thinking of joining WW tomorrow!


Overweight or undertall?!
Hi folks

I have been at SW since August last year and I did well to start with but after gaining a few pounds on hols, losing them and then gaining a few more at Christmas, I've been struggling along and either staying the same or losing half a pound here and there.

I need a kick up the butt to get going again and I am thinking of joining WW and trying the new ProPoints. I know it isn't going to be easy but I think the change might do me good.

I have bought a WW magazine today but there isn't a great deal of information in there. So, the question is, do I take the bull by the horns and try WW or stick with what I know and plod along!

I have tried WW several times before, lost about a stone and then given up. I know I'm rubbish but my other half has booked a holiday for September so that is my incentive to try harder this time!
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Sometimes changing it up can help esp with motivation etc.
The new pro points system is def easier than the old one so may be worth giving a go. I like it but I'm not losing weight at a phenomenal rate or anything. Slow and steady it seems (except for the week i pigged out and put on 4 lbs!).

Good luck with whatever you decide!
C x
i used to always do slimming world on and off, and didnt seem to get anywhere drastically. so i joined w/w 2 weeks ago, and i am loving it so far. i find the propoints plan really easy to stick to, my daily allowance is just enough & have my weekly points to fall back on if i need them or for a treat, so i feel i have got a bit of a safety net!! i lost 5 & a half lbs first weigh in last week and got 2nd one tomorrow. id go for it, i never lose a lot in one go, 1 or 2lb at most so was amazed i lost that much in 1st week as didnt deprive myself just stuck to plan etc. hope that helps!! x


Overweight or undertall?!
thanks for the replies, yes, i've decided, i'm going for it tomorrow, i do find ww more restricting that sw but that is what i need lol


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I initially lost half a stone with SW but that took me quite a while and then I just started gaining and losing the same couple of lb. I still had six weeks left on my online membership of SW so I ummed and ahhd about signing up to WW and decided to go for it. In those 6 weeks I lost more than half a stone so glad I didn't wait.

I don't find pro points at all restrictive. In fact I feel I've got my life back. I never felt I had enough syns for real life, for example for a night out. Now I can do what I want and I track it rather than ignore it which puts me in control.

I'm new to the boards...only joined today! I've alsostarted WW today too but the old one as it's what I know. I think the thing is, it's really easy to get bored on these eating plans and cheat! (it's like that for me anyway!) But if they are stuck to the DO work, they really do. I amgetting married in October and the week after have a 2 week honeymoon and I want to lose 4st by then, I KNOW that if I'm good with WW I will lose it...it's just about sticking with it whatever you decide to do!

Good Luck :)
P.S. - if you need a bit of a ww buddy then give me a shout :)


Overweight or undertall?!

I posted a reply on your thread before I saw you had put one on here.

I'm going to try the ProPoints to kickstart my weight loss because when I get too familiar with things I cheat!!

Have a good week x
Hi everyone, I started ww in January and have lost 10 lbs it is slow but I feel im not on a diet in the sense of all the other diets I have done where I lose the weight and then put it all back on again. I personally havnt used the extra 49 propoints as I think I would be losing it even slower but have viewed this as a very
healthy eating plan. What i liked about it is that fruit and veg (somethings have points) are free and i love fruit alot. I make veg soup and eat that when hungry, so all the best in your journey with ww, look forward to looking at how you do :D


Overweight or undertall?!
Hi Irishlady

10 lbs is good and I'm looking forward to saying I've lost that amount!

I am curious about ProPoints now, haven't read a lot about it but am assuming you get a certain number per day depending on weight, height etc. and then a weekly set to dip into if you need them.

All the best on your weight loss journey x
yes thats right but have tried not to use those weekly pp as I think it would be much slower coming but if I go out I will keep with good food choose and if it go over for that day I dont have to worrying what it all come to. Have you joined ;)


Overweight or undertall?!
yes i've joined!

think it'll take me a couple of days to get used to the changes from the old scheme but hopefully i'll be ok :fingerscrossed:
Best of luck with it! The first week or so is tricky but before you know it you'll be pro pointing like a pro.

Let us know how you get on - I'm off to have a zero pro point Orange...


Overweight or undertall?!
hi irish lady

i'm doing well so far thank you. not posting my diary online, don't think it makes great reading lol

hope you are well x
Hi irishlady i have been told that you have a brilliant website with lots of ww pro points values, could you please let me know what the address is  many thx
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Overweight or undertall?!
hi tracy

so far so good, lost 11.5 pounds!

good loss for you this week, hope it continues xx
well done smirnoff ur doing really well, keep it up :D


Overweight or undertall?!
michellethegooner, your results are fab, how do you manage to lose 4 pounds on week 14?!!!!

i am still on target for my hols but feel it will slow down now x

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