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Thinking of joining

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Hi everyone,

I started my healthy eating plan approximately 6 weeks ago (low carb and cal counting). I'm getting to that stage where I think joining a club would be the right step for me to keep me motivated as the initial determination has started to flag.

I'm a 20 year old male and am worried that the groups will be full of women and I'll be on my own. Not that a room full of women would normally put me off :) but I don't want to be the only guy there.

Is this normally the case with SW?

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I'm a consultant running 2 sessions and have men in both my groups, in fact in the second session one of them is my shopkeeper/raffle ticket seller. The group I go to as a member also has lots of men in them and I find they get as much encouragement, if not more than the women.

Some consultants are men too


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theres a few men at mine as well. you'll be fine! good luck x
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Thanks Mummymoo and Karen,

I'm going to ring up my consultant in the morning! The least I can do is go to a few sessions to see.

Just read some threads on here and it seems to be the supportive group atmosphere that I need.

Thanks again


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S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
you can ask her if there are men at the group too. either way, they will make u really welcome, im sure. we are a rather wonderful bunch too (Im the bestest lol) so theres support to be had on minis along side your group xx
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Hi, If your C says there are no men there yet don't worry about it, someone has to be the first. When a man joined our group I think he had the warmest welcome to date.:D

Good luck!


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Hiya Echoburning, no way is the simple answer! There has always been at least 1 guys at most of the groups where friends of mine have attended. The chap at my group has inspired a lady at our groups husband to come along as well. And to be honest he joins in and his advice is just as well received as the next persons.

You should take yourself along to the next SW meeting.... you'll really love it. And they will totally love you. You'll find everyone so so encouraging and supportive and you totally wont regret it!!

Remember your doing this for you... it takes 1 person with the guts and courage to stand up and then others follow his example. Be the leader..... you don't have to wait for some other guy to join first..... you'll soon find the other group members telling their friends and family that there is a guy at their meeting and then from your example other chaps with join. Be the one to start the trend not follow it.

This is about your life and what you want from it.... don't waste years waiting cos that's what ends up happening. If you read some of the threads on here you'll come across "I wish I'd done this years ago" so may times..... do it now and do it for you... your worth it!

Sorry lecture over..... :eek: I mean well xx
^^ this.

We have several men that come and go from our group, usually only one or two that stay for class. All of us are people with the same aim in mind, to lose weight and become healthier. What we have attached to our various undercarriages is pretty irrelevant when it comes to that goal.

Good luck! Remember in most areas there is more than one group in spitting distance of each other, so if the one you first visit you arent comfortable with, then there are usually others close by that might suit you better!
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I've been to two groups and there have been men at both. Go for it - you'll get a fab welcome! X


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There's 2 men at mines. I think. To be honest I only noticed them because I help at the weigh station.

I would try it, and if you dont like it, then fair enough, at least you've tried a meeting. But in all honesty I dont think anyone will treat you any differently.

Good luck!
we have 2 men at ours and they have done really well 1 has lost 5 stone and is a target member and the other has nearly lost 3, we all get on great


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There are plenty of men who have had fantastic journeys and losses with SW. IanH for one. The important think is that you start, dont worry if there are no guys that doesnt really matter. What matters is that you will be part of a supportive and empathetic group that wants you to suceed. Please take that first step. ;)


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Seeing as my name has already been mentioned... :)

Yes, I admit it. I'm a bloke who goes to Slimming World groups - and i'm proud and happy to say that and will talk to anyone (and everyone) about it too (wether they want me to or not). i.e. no need to be embaressed about it.

Yes - it can be a little daunting for us blokes to go into what is considered a female dominated group - and it is true - you will be outnumbered. But to be honest - you won't notice after the first few moments going through the door that the imbalance exists.

It is though becomming a more regular sight though to see men in the groups - and even the occassional male consultant.

Go - enjoy the attention, and the support and the motivation. You'll get it in abundance.

The best decision i've made in recent years was on December 1st 2008 - when i walked through those doors for the first time - it took some doing - but I now have a life again, rather then merely existing.
I thought the same as you and at my first class I walked through the door to the sight 16 women and no other men !! I thought about turning around and running away but before I knew it I was a fully signed up member.

The ladies are all nice and I'm only scared of two of them now so its getting better........ Its good fun and in a way it's nice being the only man.

I am now on week 6 and have almost lost a stone. Out of those 6 weeks I was on holiday for 2 of them and have won SOTW twice, so, far so its going really well.

Join and turn your life around, They might look scary but not all of them bite.:D
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Hi Echoburning,

When you asked that question I had to think 'Are there any men in my group' as I hadn't thought about it. There are usually one or two in my fairly small group of 10 or 12, but honestly, I never thought about their gender.

I would definitely go along to a class if I was you. At my class you get to sit in before you decide whether you want to join, so maybe you could ask the consultant if you could just observe the first time and see if you feel comfortable.

Good luck!
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Thanks aussiemum.

I wasn't able to make it last night and am waiting to get back to uni so i know if i can still make the same session. I think at the moment the "everything in moderation" mantra won't work for me, as i don't trust myself. I am really wanting to give SW a go as I don't want to deprive myself but I think not right now.

Thanks for all the advice, I can tell SW will be a very supportive atmosphere. At the moment i'm back on Atkins, hopefully this will work for me, i'm willing to try anything.

I think I just need to slow down and work out what works for me rather than getting put off with a slow loss and flitting to another plan like i have been doing.

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