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Thinking of joining.


Im just me!
I have tried slimming world before and only stuck to it for a few days...
I have been trying ww and not very sucessful at the moment and the result is 2 stone over weight.
I am thinking new year new me.
I find it hard to get my head around writing it all down with ww and simply think sw would be better.
Any advice or tips please.
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lentil2 said:
Hi, all diets work....it's finding one that suits you and fits in with your lifestyle, that's the secret. Find one and commit to it and you will see results!

Good luck

I agree! I've done them all but I to d sw the one most flexible and easy to fit into my lifestyle. Go for it you will be pleased x

Happy Holidays

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Have a read around on this forum and you will see how well SW works for so many people it will inspire you.

Couldn't have put it better myself.

And remember it is a lifestyle change not a diet:D and ask for help when you need it, there is always somebody on here to offer their thoughts & help.


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Yup, have to say it is about changing your lifestyle but somehow SW makes it an easy change to do.

I found it hard with WW ... but have had no probs with SW

Welcome aboard :D


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Go for it Gemma! Like Jayde, I've done every diet under the sun and sw is definitely the best. I would say try and go to meetings if you're starting out for the first time just to give you that extra support xx


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Give it a try, nothing to loose to but the excess weight!


Give it a try. I have done both ww and sw and in my opinion sw is the better of the two ESP of u don't want to count and weigh as there's only very limited of that on sw xx


Always trying!
Joining SW was the best thing I ever did...

If you can make the plan fit into your lifestyle and you have the will power to succeed, you will do it!

hollys nan

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Best thing I ever did too. You wont regret it, and yes its not a diet but a way of life, healthy eating in a structured way. And three plans to chose from every day


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Hollys nan hit the nail on the head. It is not a diet but infact an eating plan. You can eat unlimited amounts of a whole range of food so you don't feel deprived. Welcome.