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Thinking of leaving group


I was wondering if any of you have taken a break from going to group and then managed to successfully return at a later date?

I've been thinking about leaving my group for the past couple of weeks, and then rejoining once the baby is born.

I do enjoy seeing the people there but I'm finding it a bit demoralising to be paying £5 a week to put on weight and then listen to everyone elses losses when I know I can't do anything serious about my weight until April time.

I have been having some trouble sticking to plan but I have been doing well with planning my main meals, and I know what I should be doing to keep me and baby healthy.

Plus I can still come on here right? I won't get kicked off here for not being part of a group or doing it online?

I really want to lose weight and it is starting to bug me that I can't get on with it properly while pregnant (I know I can eat healthy but it's not going to shift any weight!).

I'm not planning on going off the rails or going back to my old bad habits. I just don't feel able to be pleased for my group losses when I'm at a stand still in my own target.

I do intend to go back next year, somehow fit it in again. I plan to batch freeze some SW meals next year for when the baby is born so I have some healthy ready meals (I didn't have time to cook when I had my first, so dealing with a second is something I'm worrying about!).

If you've taken a break from SW for any reason, was it hard for you to rejoin or did you feel like you'd never been away?
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hi i have been going to s/w on and off for y ears and i am always welcomed back, i can see what u mean about paying £5 for nothing it must be disheartening even tho u have a reason for it. if i were u i would stop going till the baby is here ( just try and follow the principle) then rejoin ,there is always a lot of help and advice on here, good luck :)


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
Of course you can go back. £5 a week can buy baby something nice rather than go to class to gain weight and feel unhappy!
If you know what to do about eating right you'll be fine! Once baby is settled and you're ready to go back the group will still be there.
And you will be fine staying on here! :D
I think yea, go back when bub is born and your all set to go for it. Im the same as you, thinking of just forgetting it january for me. Ive lost no weight and get humiliated and so down listening to paople with such good losses. Im starting to think if your heads not there then wait till it is.
Hey! When I fell pregnant with my 2nd baby last year I left, I was always being/feeling sick and I couldn't stomach it. Once Ava was a few months old I rejoined amd was welcomed back warmly. I got stuck in and all was well until for some reason the wait wouldn't shift. I had been a member for years before Ava was born and had lost 5 stone and so I knew that I was following the plan correctly...

I was pregnant again and just didn't realise! Then as you say, I began to gain or STS, feel sick and so decided to leave.

I am sure once baby is born you will be just as determined to lose weight.,

My baby will be here in 5 weeks time and then there will be no stopping me!

Good luck! x
can't you just go anyway but not weigh in? have a word with your consultant about it and see if you can't come to some agreement..
after all you don't have to pay if you're off for medical reasons.. surely it counts as that?

I think it's only a few weeks you can miss though, and a few weeks holiday..
I think it's actual absence from class that's permitted for medical reasons. I guess otherwise we'd all have sick-notes sitting in class getting all the help, information and support for free, not really suitable for SW to run a business!!

I would ask your consultant though, maybe you could do an exchange of running the shop, or the scales and not weighing in. At least keeping your toe in like that would help to keep you focussed ready for your return.
if you return to group 6 weeks after your baby is born you dont have to rejoin just start paying again! I chose to rejoin though as i'd gained loads despite my best intentions and couldnt face having to lose the gain and then start losing iyswim?
Thanks for the replies. I'll be seeing the consultant on Friday as it's our xmas meal out, and if the ice finally leaves, I might attempt to go to class on Monday night to have a chat to a few people there (and maybe collect some phone numbers to stay in touch!).

I'm not too worried about what I gain in the pregnancy as I know I can lose it again afterwards, and I've never bothered weighing at home (always gone by how my clothes fit) so I know whatever goes on will come off again.

I've figured out that if I rejoined beginning of May, and lost 1lb a week, by the end of next year I would lose about 2st 7lbs which cheers me up and is quite motivating! Especially since I might lose more with baby weight (7lbs in one go maybe! Ha ha!) and once I go straight back on plan.

There are some good ideas about swapping my time for helping with the shop/scales. I might discuss that with the consultant. Although I might possibly pop in a couple of times just to see everyone next year before the baby comes.

I can't wait to get back on plan! I just need to accept I can't be 100% and exercising like mad right now.
I thought you could gain 2stone during pregnancy before you had to pay (or something like that??) I'm not certain of the rules but I have heard that before.
Good luck hun, do whatever you think is best for you.

if the baby weighs that then you'll lose more..
there's all that "water" that breaks everywhere, and the placenta which weighs 1-2lbs... :eek: :sign0137:
Good research Jack, top man! ;)

To the OP I would take a break if I was you and rejoin when the weather's kinder etc.

Good luck!

Ha ha ha! Thanks!

I know I should see the group as spurring me on with motivation ready for next year but I am struggling when they are all losing and I'm not!

It's our xmas meal tomorrow night so I'll have a word with the consultant then and maybe we'll work something out. I think part of me worries that I'll lose control if I did leave, or that I'd get snowed in with the new baby and dealing with my toddler that I won't ever get around to rejoining.

I think I'll go wander through the recipes and get some ideas for meals to keep me healthy!

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